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So much of our online marketing efforts overlap with one another. With the right coordination, the line between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing begins to blur. Marketing tactics that started out solely as a means for improving social media visibility are now transitioning into viable SEO strategies. One of my favorite examples of this is link building through social media monitoring.

Social media monitoring is basically the process of monitoring conversations about your brand and/or product(s) across social communities. This can range from tweets to blog posts to mentions in news articles. The point is, if someone is talking about you or your products – you want to know about it.

But what if someone mentions a keyword you are targeting for SEO? Doesn’t that stand out to you as a new link opportunity? In addition to tracking brand and product mentions, you can use your favorite social media monitoring tool as an automated link researching tool. It’s like having that intern you keep trying to get your boss to let you hire, except this one will work 24/7 for you and you don’t have to teach it anything.

So what all should you be monitoring? Here are three ways you can take advantage of social media monitoring for SEO.

Keywords your targeting. I mentioned this one at the beginning of the article. The idea is if someone writes a blog post about a keyword you’re trying to rank for, it could be a great opportunity for you to reach out to them and convince them to insert a link to your site in the post or to allow you to guest post for them. It’s also a great way to discover popular communities in your industry (e.g. forums) that you should be participating in daily – and including links in your posts where relevant. The opportunities are endless, especially considering how many keywords you’re probably interested in ranking for.

Keeping an eye on your competitors. Where are your competitors building links and participating? This is a great opportunity for you see see where they are focusing their link building efforts so you can also engage in those areas. It’s also a great way to keep tabs on what anchor text they are focusing on so you know what keywords they are targeting. You just mind find a few that you hadn’t though of targeting in the first place.

Identifying industry authorities. Finding the key influencers in your industry and getting them to write about and discuss your company, products and services can be a dream come true for your SEO. With just a few simple reviews on their blog or even just through their Twitter stream, you’ll start to see more organic reviews showing up that didn’t require any effort on your part.

What ways are you using social media monitoring for SEO?

Taylor Pratt
Taylor Pratt is the Product Marketing Manager at Raven Internet Marketing Tools. With Raven you can conduct research and analysis, manage link building campaigns, track... Read Full Bio
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  • i think that the question at the end of your post is a hard one. i haven't met anyone who use social marketing for success in business that is sustainable. facebook, for example, is finally adding shopping to its site. the company has tried to block users from using the site for business, and now it wants to make profit by leading users to a marketplace?

    • First off… this / comment makes no since and is pointless…
      Read my real comment below /

  • Actually I never really thought about using social media monitoring as an SEO and link building technique in this kind of way. But its MUCH MUCH more than just monitoring to increase SEO. Its responding to what you find WHILE monitoring.
    What ways am I using social media monitoring for my SEO… I'm not lucky enough to have anyone talking about me, my company, or my services yet…. 🙁

    But I will start to write about how other small businesses or using social media and hopefully get them to write about me in return, or at least link to my post about them. Hopefully they are monitoring 🙂 and then i'll get some incoming links

    • Social Media Monitoring has a wider meaning. It is not just about measuring your brands influence on social media space. It is about researching competitors brands, replying to followers as well as other interested users, creating an online buzz with new offers. It is all about conversation. How well you can be part of an ongoing conversation ? How you can create an interesting new conversation and make people share/spread your conversation ? . Social Media success requires a good amount of time, manpower and resources.

  • TWJ

    “convince them to insert a link to your site in the post” – wondering how often you've found that approaching a blogger after-the-fact to drop a link has worked.

  • It's a good point and emphasizes the need to follow up monitoring stations effectively. Listening is key but somewhat wasted if it isn't acted upon.

    For example, if a writer reviews your product but doesn't actually insert a link to it (or your company), then an opportunity has been missed. But catching this, taking the opportunity to thank the person for their words and time, then offering reciprocal link additions is a concrete action to take which benefits all involved.

    Thanks again for raising the point, Taylor.

  • Abhishek

    great to know that it would be real to get links through use of social networking sites…..very useful information..

  • hi taylor,
    you have mentioned three ways of social media monitoring. All are good but i preferred keywords you targeting because it is new for me and i think i can try first one.

  • hey mate…why social bookmarks wont be considered in the pagerank?? if am wrong correct me

  • Great post Taylor. Interestingly enough, I use Raven to monitor all three of those things and then some. Your system is pretty awesome!

    • Discovering Raven as we speak, thanks Kaila