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I really do not do many speaking engagements on SEO and search marketing, but plan to in the immediate future (the next speaking and moderator sessions are planned for the ScarySEO mini-Con in Florida). Back in June I did have the chance to speak on behalf of TrafficBlend, my SEO and online marketing consulting firm, at the South Florida MeetUp on Link Building which was hosted by AgencyWeb.

The MeetUp consisted of about 50 search marketing professionals and webmasters who were interested in enhancing their link building. The presentation ended up taking almost one hour due to really active audience participation and included a lot of Link Building 101 information and some interesting tips and tricks on attracting links.

South Florida SEO Meetup – June from Davide Di Cillo on Vimeo.

The core of the presentation consists of :

  • Cleaning Up Your Link-o-Sphere
  • Trickle Down Link-O-Nomics
  • Supercharging Existing Links
  • Basic Trusted Directories and How to Gauge a Quality Site

After viewing the video I’ve noticed a couple of things about my presentation :

1. I say “um” way too much. I’m working with a public speaking coach to clear this up. I used to stutter a bit as a kid, especially when reading out loud, and I think this has something to do with it.
2. Next time I speak in this format, I need to have a remote control or clicker in my hand to change the slides. Physically walking up to the laptop and changing the slide added about 3 to 4 minutes into the presentation. It also exposed the top of my balding head to the camera.
3. I think I do a great job with hand movements and visualizing with gestures, I’ll have to add upon that.

The AgencyWeb & TrafficBlend Teams :

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Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Linda P. Morton

    Hi Loren,

    Videoing ourselves speaking is a great opportunity to catch what decreases our effectiveness.

    I recently did video desktop lessons for students using my textbook: Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics.

    I realized that I wasted lots of movements as I worked. So not only did the video help me to improve my presentations, but has implications for all my work.

    The important thing is to follow through and correct what you find, just as you are doing.

  • Mark Simmons

    Is it possible to get a copy of the PPT?

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Great video and presentation. It is great to hear there are other active SEO Meetup groups (I am part of the Boston/Cambridge SEO Meetup)…Thanks!

  • buffalo web marketing

    Fantastic Loren, Supercharging existing links… brilliant.

    Side note: Don’t take this too personal but um, yep, you do say um a bit too much. That’s what final cut is for! I wish all editing programs had an “Um Omission” button. God it’d make life easier.

  • Manish Pandey

    Hi Loren,

    Very nice and thought provoking presentation. Hope to see you guys here in India some time. We had one such kind of meetup at Delhi last year, where Andy Hagans and Rich McIver came and en lighted us about the different aspects of link building. I really loved it. And then at the later hours, we danced. It was a very enjoying moment.

  • Corey

    Nice video. I’m impressed with what you’ve done with your Meetup. I tried to get one of those going and had no success. Nobody could ever commit to showing up. Very frustrating.

    I thought you laid out a nice foundation for search marketers who are new to the game. Well done!