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SEO community, meet was briefly mentioned last fall in a post by Greg Sterling. What wasn’t divulged is that it’s an excellent site to add to link building campaigns. Let’s just say it’s a user-generated mecca for SEOs!

Originally a job search site, was relaunched last fall as a business community with user-generated how-to guides. It’s a great place to learn about starting and running your business — and share your expertise (or that of your client). Guide authors get a profile page that increases online visibility and sets the stage for them as an expert. However, the primary SEO value comes from writing how-to guides embedded with crawlable, search engine friendly links.

Today, has guides for everything B2B, from starting a pool hall to hiring employees to doing business in Second Life. Even Aaron Wall has a guide – Guide to Learning Search Engine Optimization, which is an easy to read how-to guide geared toward small business owners. Check out the most popular business guides for more ideas.

While it’s great for link building, bear in mind that each guide is reviewed and evaluated for its quality, so spend the time to write something useful so that it can offer a valuable link, drive traffic AND establish the author as an expert. Leverage the guide for more than just a keyword rich link, use it as an illustration of expertise – for example some guide authors highlight the guide in their email signature.

Write a guide, get visibility and boost your links, simultaneously.

Disclaimer: I work for, who owns, but I’m writing about the site because it’s an excellent resource to add to your next link building campaign.

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Jessica Bowman is the Director of SEO for and an independent consultant. Her background includes managing nine websites, in four languages across North America and Europe, in the competitive travel industry. Most known for being an in-house search marketer, Jessica relishes in the human side of SEO – the art of getting things done within an organization, a challenge for most search marketers.

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  • Ahmed Bilal

    I’ve been recommending as a ‘secret’ linkbuilding resource for several months now. It’s a fantastic idea, and hopefully it’ll grow further.

    Ummm…Loren, someone’s spamming the comments 🙂

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Ahmed, yep, I reported them to SpamKarma.

    Jessica, I’ll be sure to add to my b2b link building campaigns and really enjoy its layout and usability.

  • Cvos SEO is a great resource and i will be using it in the future! Many people may not realize that all comments and content links do not have a nofollow tag on them. This is a rarity on information sites.

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