Link Building & The Importance of Keyword Reflective Domains

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Today I was chatting with my friend Derrick Daye of the Blake Project, a branding strategy group. We were discussing the ranking of his company’s blog and its positioning as an industry resource.

The naming of the blog, Branding Strategy Insider, positions the image of their blog, which is also reinforced by contributing articles from marketing masters such as Seth Godin and Jack Trout.

I brought up the point to Derrick that the naming of his blog also helps in its Google rankings, because when people link to his blog, they usually use the words “Branding Strategy” in the text of the link, since the name of the blog is Branding Strategy Insider.

Their blog is ranked #4 in Google for “Branding Strategy” (behind authority sites such as and and also highly ranked for other brand oriented terms. And as the blog grows, its ranking and value across the board should also grow.

So, the moral of the story is to use excellent, descriptive, and truthful naming strategy when selecting the name of your web site or blog, because the name not only reflects your value, but also influences the anchor text others use when linking to you.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • eBusiness

    The anchor text idea from descriptive domains is a novel one. You should do more research on this. Great thought!

  • Raj Dash

    Excellent. And when you can’t score a solid keyword domain, get something synonymous and use your keywords in permalink URLs.

  • Ebs from Chile

    Amen brother. If you can get a $2.00 domain that matches a high-volume search term, it is worth picking it up even if you only ever rank for that one term.


    We have been very successful with our descriptive domain name which offers California Driver Education Online courses to California teenagers.

  • Ruben Martinez

    “Keyword Reflective” domains? That is SEO for meaningful brands…
    I prefer Semantic domains. The moral of the article is a well known, proven and standard practice among property search portals in the UK. Instead of creating a new category for, say, properties abroad, established sites register domains which include keywords “properties” and “abroad”.
    Not surprisingly, some sites with established but meaningless brands get outranked by their semantic offsprings.

  • guia

    That was a good post loren, the naming strategy of a blog or website is the important element for the corporate branding of a business and influences other to link that is related and with great value to yyour customer