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Keyword Research, Link Building & Linking Diversity

Keyword Research, Link Building & Linking Diversity

Excellent article by Dave Harry on the nuances of link building and keeping a diverse yet strategic keyword expansion plan in focus from the ground floor up on a link building campaign.

  • Using Keyword research to diversify link profiles

Crafting link profiles is all about related diversity. What I mean by that is we want to have a diversified link text collection that is made of up related phrasings and creates a ‘theme’ in the eyes of a search engine.

A full featured link profile for a given page or website should be diverse in links texts as well as timing of the links. Search engines look for anomalies in these areas and can discount or devalue your links if it believes them to be artificially crafted. I would say the thresholds are likely reasonably high (for major link spammers) but it is still an area of interest and potentially concern.

I really like the use of the term Profile for generating a theme of your site for search ranking association. It reminds me of user profiling, which is generally pinpoint targeting based upon our behavior, interests, geographic locations and other information available to advertisers. In this respect, a properly profiled site should should reek of relevancy, based upon its linking structure.

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