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Keyword and Competitive Research Done Right – RankSense

Keyword and Competitive Research Done Right – RankSense

I will be doing several reviews of a newly launched SEO software RankSense by Hamlet Batista. To make the most of my reviews I encourage you to download a free trial version and test the options I’ll be describing. That’s very easy: just download the tool and it will guide you through the whole installation process.

Besides making the SEO process much easier by automating and semi-automating it, the software gives you an idea of how this analysis should be properly performed. Today I will be looking into the keyword and competitive research tasks because this is something I’ve been continuously posting on recently.

RankSense performs exhaustive step-by-step analysis starting from keyword selection task:

Keyword Research - RankSense

With it you have three options to choose from (or to combine):

  • keyword selection based on your own content;
  • keyword selection based on your competitor’s content;
  • keyword selection based on a core term;
  • keywords selection based on your site current rankings.

What’s more you can also edit advanced options to give more weight either to a term search volume or to its competition volume.

After that comes thorough keywords analysis that includes estimated traffic and competition evaluation.

Keyword Research - RankSense

Once you are ready with your refined keyword list, you can to move onto detailed competition analysis for each of the selected terms:

Competitive Research - RankSense

The software finds your competitors and instantly shows their important characteristics: age, traffic, PageRank/importance, etc for you to choose the most interesting sites for further competitor’s on-site SEO analysis:


Competitive Research - RankSense

This task provides you with the following essential information (for all page elements: text, page URL, page title and meta tags):

  • a competitor’s page keyword density;
  • a competitor’s page keyword prominence (keyword appearance at the top of the page);
  • a competitor’s page keyword weight (keyword bolded, in the heading, etc).

As far as you can see, tons of unique valuable solutions to make your life easier – all in one tool. So go ahead and test it yourself. Also please let me know which features you would like me to describe in more detail next time.


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