Keep Your Visitors Hostage by Giving them What They Want

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Keep Your Visitors Hostage by Giving them What They Want

There are times when you will think you reached the top of the traffic mountain your blog can achieve. You will be too tired to write more and more pages and think that unless you do, you can’t move forward with your blog.

But there are ways you can tweak and edit your existing pages to get more traffic, keep the existing  visitors and lower the bounce rate.

You will need some time and Google Analytics for this. You can also use Get Clicky to dig for this data. Any analyzing tool that will let you see the keywords your pages were found for is going to do the work.

Log into your Analytics and start digging through your pages. I would start with few of the most visited ones, 3 to 5 of them. This will depend on your time, but in any case start with small number of pages so you can easily track the results.

Once you have your page chosen, check which keywords was it found for. You are searching for keywords that you did not targeted on the page. I will use one of my recent blog posts as an example.

I posted about 3 reasons I don’t comment on blogs. The post was a big hit and received many comments, people kept agreeing and disagreeing. The post written less for targeting a keyword and more like an observation from a blogger (that would be me).

However, it is being found by Search engines so this is the time when I should capitalize on the success of the post.

I went through my Google Analytics account and learned that it is the second most visited post in the last month (not counting the home page).

Then I checked the keyword people are using in the SE that brought them to my post. Some are very long tail keywords and some have nothing to do with the post. But I found two interesting keywords that I might use for this:

disqus force oldest first

disqus is down all the time

Since I talk about Disqus commenting system in the post, it is not a surprise that the post has been found for such Disqus long tail keywords. However, the bounce rate is 100% and the time on page is 0. That means that visitors have not stayed on the post long enough for GA to register it.

What to do to change this?

I should write a post about Disqus.

I ran “Disqus” through Google Keywords tool and found that there are many keywords with decent search volume that I can write about. When I do write about Disqus, I will make sure to write about two things:

  1. explain how to set it up so it changes the comments order (to keep the readers searching for the first long tail) and
  2. describe my experiences with the Disqus system being down from time to time and how to overcome it (to keep those that came through the second long tail).

Once I have this page up, I will go back to the original post about commenting and make sure that the link to my new post is somewhere at the top and pointing people to it.

Also, make sure not only to set the anchor text to which ever Disqus keyword you chose as the targeted one for the new post, but try to give a short description so that those bouncy visitors would know there is an answer to their query, just behind that link.

This will significantly reduce the bounce rate, keep the visitors on your blog longer and keep them reading the exact topic they came for.

What to do and not to do?

Don’t go for every single word you were found for. Choose the ones that are used often or at least have some sense. A lot of the times, some of the keywords will not make sense and it is very hard to target them in a new post.

Do one page at the time so you can track the results.

Extra advantage is that you will keep finding new ideas for blog posts. Adding more posts based on what your visitors are searching for will round up a topic and you will end up writing almost everything you can about a topic. Sounds like a “sellable” e-book to me.

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