Is P.C.P the New SEO?

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For years, optimizing a website was quite a simple affair. Through the course of search engines indexing sites, there were various algorithm updates too, but till Panda and its good friend Penguin came along, things like link building were quite easy to achieve. Article sites, blog comments, forum posts etc. and etc., these and other elements were great for bulking out a link profile and gaining some high PR. Exact match domains enabled many affiliate and Adsense based sites to ride high in the SERPs.

Fast forward to today, and if it is not crystal clear to internet marketers that things post Panda and Penguin are very, very , different, the it really should be. Proper Company Promotion, or P.C.P, is now the only safe and effective way to gain web traffic and also improve rankings.

Proper Company Promotion

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Is SEO Dead?

Seo hasn’t “died”, but it has certainly changed dramatically. For one instance, back links now need to be earned, rather than created. That is one of the main rules now, covering the links that come back to the websites you are promoting. Links that carried a lot of value, for example article links, are now only really useful for adding a little bit of diversity to your link profile, the same with generic press releases that do not offer anything more than 400 words of empty writing.

For a long time the SEO world (in many, rather than in all cases) lazily adding masses of links to clients sites, many of which were empty and built just for the fact they would be a back link, was THE strategy. Finally in 2012 Google played the swan song for sites optimized so (or was it a Penguin song?). Sites disappeared from page 1 of Google quicker than a bowling ball dropped in the backyard swimming pool. Tears were shed, cries of unfairness echoed around the online marketing world. Much as I may have sympathy, I can’t help feeling that we should all have seen this coming. It is not as if the search engine gods at Google hadn’t explained to us all year after year, what they expected from those practicing SEO, and how to keep on the right side of search relevance, when promoting theirs or their clients sites.


Proper Company Promotion means exactly what it suggests. Rolling up your sleeves and actually earning the links and traffic that you have been trying to gain from various link building services, and short term blasts from this or that software link creator. PCP doesn’t have to be very expensive, though it is more time consuming, it’s all about value really. What is the true cost of improper SEO, after all? Sure, those paying you may have to pay more to get the job done properly and have some “future proofing”, but in the long run the proof will be in the pudding. Here are some examples of what can be done to create “real” links and also enhance company brands and exposure with  their target clientele.

  • Sponsor an event, the size of which will always depend on your budget. You may supply the awards, or the cost of a kids’ football league with their equipment, for instance. Get local newspapers involved, release a press release that explains what you are doing and how it is benefiting the recipients. Make sure that any website that is involved with anyone benefiting from the sponsored event contains content about your business/website, and is linking back to your site. The press release will also generate real links that will also pass traffic, Google loves links that pass on traffic to a site. The buzz generated will help to enhance the company brand and the exposure will help generate more traffic to your website.
  • Guest post on blogs that are relevant  to the niche your business is in. Most blog owners are always looking for high quality and information rich content. Blog posts still carry weight at the moment, this may change as the marketing spammers out there try to abuse its ability to help sites rank. Writing between 500 – 1500 words that are useful and informative to those reading within your industry  will help gain you traffic through any links that are placed within the content you have written, and enhance the authority of your company within your business or customer community. Poor quality content is not accepted by most “authority” blogs so the content needs to be useful and therefore highly readable.
  • Advertising is still a great way to get traffic back to your website, and visibility for your business and/or product or service. You can place banner adverts on forums and blogs that are relevant to your business niche. You may well ask to add a blog post to the same sites you are advertising on as they will view you as a customer and be interested in keeping you happy, (hopefully). Make any advert links no follow so that Google doesn’t think you are merely buying a link. If you gain a blog post from the site(s) that you are advertising on you can benefit from a link and an advert from the same site. This is a perfectly legitimate thing to do in the eyes of Google, and will gain you a great deal of traffic and brand authority.

There are many other strategies that can help gain you proper, earned back links, as well as enhance the authority of your brand and get you very valuable exposure within your market place. No one tactic should be used on its own. Successful search engine optimisation entails a mixture of different strategies and making sure that company branding and information reach as many people, on as many different platforms, as possible. Making sure that you are also looking after your onsite affairs is obviously a must. There is no point driving traffic to a site that cannot give your potential clients and customers what they are looking for. Social media platforms also need to be used as much as possible, promoting offers, blog posts and any information that is seen as useful for the business community that you are in.

Lets all think about how we can earn a back link, rather than how we can create one. The long term benefits of any online marketing campaign should always trump the short term gains, and P.C.P is a long term thought process.

Dan Vassiliou
Daniel Vassiliou is Managing Director of Seo Midlands and has over 12 years of experience in Internet Marketing, both within the UK and abroad. He... Read Full Bio
Dan Vassiliou
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  • Gary Henderson

    I think that was always SEO. Yes there have been people gaming the system for years but PCP mixed with a good digital PR strategy has worked for as long as I remember.

    • That is the point I am trying to make here. Google has stated clearly for years that buying links is going to result in penalties. Check out the many seo forums online, and you will still see agencies buying various “packages”, to use on their clients sites. The link building ideas I have given are more like solid promotional strategies, the links will look after themselves as more people come through to your website. P.C.P is the future.

  • Alex Garrido

    Did you just coined the term Proper Company Promotion?
    I agree with you 100 percent, the years of trickery and mass web spam are over, at least from Googles point.

    • Lol it is something I coined for clients years ago, like “get it right onsite”. I am pleased you agree with the points I made. I think we will begin to see the end of the value given to guest posts too, in the near future, but that is a whole other guest post of is own, before it’s devalued lol. Basically think about promotion first and link building third, after content creation.

  • I have a company that has dropped advertising on my site because they don’t see the worth, which is fine with me. But they told me if I wanted to keep them on board, then I better add some value to their banner ad by including text links and guest post.

    I had to explain to them that I will not be charging for text links on my site, but if they wanted to provide a quality guest post, then I’d be happy to offer them a link for free.

    What angers me is that people still think they can pay for backlinks. I know most companies aren’t in the SEO game, but I know for a fact that they have an in house SEO guy.

    In fact, when they did offer me a guest post, I was happy to post it and provide them a link back to their site. Then, their SEO guy started doing article marketing to build backlinks to their guest post on my site. I’m talking 250 word empty articles and LOTS of them.

    I contacted them and told them to take down all those backlinks pointing to my site. Do you think that was the right move? And how do I show value by not offering paid text links and paid guest posts? Should I just wait for my white hat SEO to pay off?

    • Yours is a slightly different situation, you are yourself a site supplying these links. Firstly they have no right to direct links to your site. That is negative seo right there, you can report them to Google if they do not comply with removing the article links. No advertising revenue is worth your site getting a penalty from spam. Even if it is “tier 2” spam to them, it isn’t to you.

      By offering them a guest post they will have gotten their text link and had their value.

      Your last point has confused me a little. I would make sure that your advert, paid links, are no follow. You do not want to be penalised for “selling links”. Offer the guest posting, as you have done, to get a link for the client. Don’t start selling guest posts. You want to keep quality to a premium now. Even if that means editing posts yourself for the client. As time goes buy, the more quality content you have posted, the more information your site will offer, the more pages will rank and gain traffic.
      You are right to dismiss paid for links though. They will only get more dangerous over the coming algorithm updates.

      • To clear up your confusion…

        You’re right! The ad space I sell are NoFollow links and I would NEVER charge for a guest post. In fact, I have a pretty detailed writing policy for guest posters that says multiple times, I want your guest post to be AWESOME and something people will want to share with their friends. Don’t just send me a 500 word empty guest post with no value and expect a backlink, I will decline.

        When I contacted this company about the spam links they were sending my way, they took them down immediately, or so I hope – that’s what they told me. It got me nervous, because I didn’t want all these worthless links directed at my site. I will admit that I have practiced this type of SEO in the past because of who I was learning from. Now, my links are extremely legit, but slow growing. However, they are quality.

  • John

    I clicked this to see what PCP stood for, read it stood for “Proper Company Promotion” then closed it. THEN I decided to come back to comment on how lame that acronym is. It is so bad.

    But on the other hand, if you aren’t trying to promote your company in your SEO campaigns then you are not up to date and are still doing SEO from 2011, Too much has changed this year to get away with that and you have nailed it by saying building your brand will help improve your SEO.

    • I love a comment that has it all. I am pleased that you did read it, and understood the point about promotion taking care of seo. Many companies still sell link building and spun content etc as part of an “effective” seo solution. I want to get across that by simply focusing on the value of the promotion that you are doing, the seo will come because people will want to come to your site to buy, use etc. Thanks

  • PCP? let’s not fool outsiders or newcomers here with another gimmick term. Just call it what it is without abbreviating already.

    • do you ever use seo?? is that not abbreviated? It is no more of a gimmick than “just for the taste of it” or “I ‘m loving it”. Both associated with big brands. I am an internet marketer after all lol. Let’s get the focus on effective promotional campaigns, and less about link building and quick fixes. I suppose that is the main message.

  • Very Interesting article. PCP is a new term. I have read the entire article and it will definitely help to other SEO’s and companies.


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    • Indeed, is it 10,000,000 odd users now. This is a great way to use social media to enhance your brand, and gain those all important followers/social signals. Great reply, thanks for sharing.

  • Call it what you want, SEO will never die and unfortunately neither will these types of “SEO is Dead”, “X is the New SEO” “Blah” articles….

    • Seo is just a term, the way you utilise it is where I am obviously coming from. If you are continuing to worry about building links, you are missing the point and you had better hope none of your clients never have a meeting with me lol. Promote effectively and back links will look after themeselves.

      • What do you mean “back links will look after themselves?” Isn’t getting back links part of promoting effectively?

  • If you promote your content, or site, effectively, people will want to link back to that site. Also if you are contributing to a site , like this one, you can gain a back link automatically from the bio. By writing this article, I have gotten it read by my peers, and also a back link has come through the bio. It is also a useful back link. Had it not been a good enough article to warrant an audience, it would not have been here for you guys to comment on.

    • Thanks an issue I have with a lot of SEO related articles. They simply say, “promote your posts.” But what exactly does that mean.

      When I create an exceptional blog post, here is what I do:
      1. Tweet it, Facebook it, Pin It – Social Media
      2. Email people in my network that would appreciate the article and ask for feedback on it.
      3. Submit it to Social Bookmarking sites: Digg, Delcious, and StumbleUpon only.

      Am I missing a huge promotional gap? What else besides guest posting can you do (cheaply) to promote your posts?

      • The biggest thing to do is build up relationships in your vertical and create content that those in the vertical will want to link to. With social signals it is very hard to do your own self promotion unless you already have a massive following, you need to get it in front of a larger audience. In a perfect world, great content would be enough, but with Google penalizing things left and right those in the vertical will be more comfortable linking if they have that relationship.

      • So David, do you have any tips to get in front of a big audience?

        One issue I have is that I’m the only guy in the industry doing what I do. No one has a bigger audience than me and that’s sad because my audience is very small. I may have to make contacts outside my niche that are related.

      • A good press release, that has has newsworthy content, is a great way to gain the attention of a large audience. This could be done on a local, national or international level, dependent on the story. You could publicise competitions to encourage votes or comments on your facebook page. A lot of large brands do this. You can also use any e mail lists to promote such a strategy.

  • I can tell you with all personal authority that PCP is far too confusing to be either a fun acronym or a fun way to spend an afternoon. Stick with Digital Marketing rather than proper company promotion. It is far less confusing and nobody’s face has to melt.

    • I can tell you , with all personal authority that if you are finding this confusing you need to find a new profession over the coming years.

  • Shubhajit

    I often hear about the great content, but still I haven’t found that much in internet. many sites which have really great content do not rank well.. Nevertheless, there are sites which are popular because of entertainment quotient and funny titbits, . Another question is if the backlinking is not so worthy then why Google Web tools show so many backlinkings.

    Google is surely is the market boss but still I think it is not totally unbiased in approach because for simple example, if you search a particular term, it can show you popular sites based on linking, if not real worth of it. and the real good info sites are often quashed by popular sites.If i want to know about T shirts why google shows popular sites selling t shirt, sunglasses, cargos, denim etc. instead of a site that truly deals with t shirts?

    • A lot depends on the competitive nature of the keywords you are looking to rank for. P.C.P isn’t about launching loads of articles and posts, writing like a play write. It means looking at as many promotional avenues as possible, and only using quality content when content is required.