SEJ Insiders: Tools We Use For Social Media

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SEJ Insiders: Tools We Use For Social Media

Over the past several years, we have broken down and rebuilt our social media tactics in order to be sure we are “helping marketers succeed with best-in-industry guides and breaking news while cultivating a positive community” (ICYMI, that’s from our Twitter bio).

In digital marketing, everything is constantly in a state of transformation. In social media, it’s a constantly streaming state of transformation (often filled with distracting cat videos). Thanks to help from these tools and services, the social team here at SEJ gets engaged, tracks results, and stays organized.

Editor Note: We don’t have any affiliations with any of the tools listed.

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media | SEJ

Platform Management

Beyond the actual platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. I rely pretty heavily on these management tools:


Oh, my beautiful, ever-bettering Buffer. There is no way I’d be able to work with the large amounts of content we have here at SEJ without this tool. Set schedules, queue posts, check analytics, and more—Buffer is the end-all, be-all of social media scheduling.

The paid version offers teams the ability to queue posts for approval. They have integrated with a ton of other social media apps, so you can do things like queue to your Buffer from in-platform on Facebook/Twitter. And, as of a few months ago, Buffer automatically queues photos from links for Twitter posts (this was a god-send for this little social media producer over here).

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media | SEJ


I was a late adopter to TweetDeck, but when I finally played around with it, I quickly realized how much I’d been missing. The obvious main function is setting up streams (via columns) to track—which gives you a pleasant, organized way to favorite, quote/retweet, reply, monitor timelines, set alerts, and schedule tweets.

TweetDeck is an app for Mac and sits conveniently down in my dock. SEJ’s Twitter account gets hit with a lot of bots so my favorite use of this is to organize my timelines with the ability to mute users. It definitely helps during the live tweeting we do here at SEJ, as well as keeping up with our mentions and conversations!

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media


‘Test, test, test’ is a mantra in marketing. This is how we keep up with the trends:

Not only does provide conveniently shortened links, but you can use a branded domain for your links, too. Ours is allows us to track click stats, as well as the referrers and locations of our clicked links. Buffer has integrated link shortening through so you can set up Buffer to auto-shorten your links and event set up UTM codes.

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media


Crowdbooster is where we get our high-level looks at social. We gather the base of our weekly hashtag reports from here, as well as track our best-performing posts on Twitter and Facebook. Crowdbooster’s charting function gives you a great look at growth and easy-to-comprehend pictures of post performance.

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media

Organization and Communication

We try to make it as easy as possible to share post ideas and organize post requests for social. As a publisher that also hosts webinars, podcasts, and conferences, we have a lot of content to put out. These tools help:


Slack: Be less busy” is one of the best descriptors I could imagine for this tool. We use Slack for communications across all projects at SEJ, as well as for random (and “girl-talk”) threads, too. It’s so helpful to have a dedicated “social” channel where anyone on our team can write a quick post suggestion, send me a link worth sharing, or promote an article they’ve been quoted in. It’s also a great place to share reports and notify the team of social milestones, well-performing posts, and updates to strategies or tactics.

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media | SEJ


Podio is a project management program that helps segment your work and brings together your team to collaborate—communicating through text, links, and uploads—in designated Projects or, even, specific Tasks. While I don’t think Podio is necessarily intuitive or user-friendly, it does keep us in line here at SEJ. I keep the page bookmarked and it gives me a great overhead glance at deadlines I have approaching. That aspect has been a lifesaver in keeping our recurring tasks organized—and it doesn’t waste my brain space (or GCal slots) trying to keep up with dates.

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media

And, last but not least:

A Whiteboard

As much as I love the versatility and general ease of being able to track almost everything through apps on my phone and computer, I got a whiteboard for my office this year. I’m an avid list maker and visual learner, so this is an amazing way to brainstorm through things and be able to lay out everything right in front of you (on something larger than a computer screen).

Inside Look at SEJ: Tools & Services for Social Media

How about you? What tools help you keep your social media chugging along? 



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