How to Get High Profile Article Exposure & 24 Recommended Authority Sites

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I’ll give you two scenarios. You tell me which is better.

In the first, you get a byline article published on the cover of Time magazine, seen by millions of people all over the world, in a format that is later syndicated online as well.

In the second, you get an article published that may or may not have your byline, in several hundred local papers with lower circulations, but that might get picked up by larger publications.

If your answer is “it depends on what I was attempting to achieve”, good on you for knowing a trick question when you see one.

As Loren recently wrote, there’s nothing wrong with getting some exposure or link juice for your articles through article redistribution directories. However, if you’re not submitting exclusive content to premium content channels, you’re missing out on the Rolls Royce version of online exposure.

If you’re looking to gain penetration in targeted markets where you can get affluent clients, you must take this critical step, and start getting published in more exclusive publications.

What’s the step that newbie internet authors and seasoned experts alike forget? Contributing content to online magazines and authority sites (including popular blogs).

You can often get more attention, links, and respect from colleagues and prospects alike, from being in one elite publication over the long term, than you would from mass distribution in second and third-tier republishing sites.

Not only can you get links both to the article where it is published and directly to your site, these are often highly valued link. This can help your search engine traffic because one permanent link from an authority site can be worth exponentially more than several expiring links from smaller, distribution-only article hubs.

I could go into a lot of detail about how to get into some of these online publications, blogs, online papers and magazines, but that’s an article for another day. Instead, I’ve compiled a short list below in a variety of niches, all of which will allow you to link back to your site. Keep in mind that submissions are screened at the majority of these sites. You may even need to be accepted as a staff member before you are published.

This is a benefit, not a drawback. The more exclusive the group of approved experts is, the better quality the information is, and the more likely you’ll be addressing a serious, knowledgeable audience.

  1. Web Pro News Many topics related to ebusiness, search engines, information technology or web development. You can either submit an article, one time,, or become a blog partner, and have on-going submissions.
  2. SEO News : It is what it says it is. Audience has a lot of new webmasters who need help with SEO and building traffic.
  3. Web Host Industry Review : Web related news – see their guidelines.
  4. Idea Marketers : No category restrictions, great quality, reputable publishers. Stats and proofreading services are available.
  5. WikiHow : “The How-To Manual You Can Edit” You can link to related information at your site under Sources and Citations.
  6. Buzzle : It’s quite simple to become an author. From hobbies to technology, there’s a spot for just about any niche.
  7. American Chronicles : They appear in Google News and their article show up in Moreover Headlines. Apply to be on staff, and, if accepted, you’ll be given a login to send articles to the editing staff.
  8. Site Reference : Categories include Internet marketing, design, programming and SEO. Sends great traffic, every time.
  9. I haven’t used this as much since you can no longer link to your site’s landing page from within the site – back in 2005 I was secretly getting more visitors from Amazon than I got from Yahoo during the holiday season, which is saying a lot.But as long as you mention related books in your guide, a plain text link can still bring enough traffic for it to be worth the extra five minutes it would take you to cut and paste an article. They are called “So You Would Like To… ” Guides – as long as there is a book on the subject, the field is wide open. This works best if you get an ISBN and self publish, but I used it for years before I ever did that.
  10. : Contribute to this site and you may become a syndicated author, which means that the headline to your article will show up on hundreds of other sites too. Your article must be on internet marketing, promotion, advertising business or sales.
  11. Business Know-how : Small business to large, slant towards how-to, instructional, hints, and motivational articles/stories.
  12. – Expert Advice and Know-How : Mostly business related articles. Targeted traffic from people looking for experts.
  13. Advertising Know-How : They take articles on both advertising and marketing in my experience.
  14. Add Me : Over 300 Thousand subscribers. Online marketing or search marketing are the topics, they’ll take case studies, and articles. Look at their archive to get an idea of what they look for in an article.
  15. How To Advice : They accept how to advice on a variety of topics. The site looks simplistic, but they’re getting good traffic regardless.
  16. : If your audience is internet marketing, you can find a lot of new people who are seeking good advice here. Join and participate in the community before you submit and you’ll get much better results. Run by a great guy named Mike Merz.
  17. : High traffic site, submit your computer software, internet or computer hardware how- to article as a tutorial.
  18. Microsoft Developer Network : Read. The. Guidelines. I’m not kidding.
  19. Promotion World : Submit an article on anything you know (notice I didn’t say “theorize”) about promoting a site.
  20. Self Growth : Busiest self improvement site in the world that accepts outside content on a regular basis.
  21. Self SEO : It is what it sounds like. Submit do-it-yourself SEO tips. I find that the site is popular with people who aren’t necessarily doing-it-themselves, and may be looking to hire someone. This crowd knows enough about SEO to spot a fake, so be detailed but not to the point of pain.
  22. : Publishes to their community of coaches. Good networking opportunities can come out of this.
  23. Dell Power Solutions : The topic is enterprise IT solutions. I’d suggest downloading the PDF from Dell to see if your content would be compatible.
  24. Associate Programs : Run by the gracious and kind Allan Gardyne, this site is a mega-reference to affiliate programs and how to use them to generate a steady income. If you can target an idea to their population, this is good, quality traffic.

Well, that’s the short list, and that should get you started. I’ll go over how to find more yourself after the holiday.

Some of these sites were by big brand names. Others were niche sites, in marketing or search, and I threw in a few general sites for good measure.

Don’t make the mistake of only going after the ones with high Google PR or Alexa/Compete rankings. Much of the exposure you can get may come from a site that doesn’t get much web traffic, but has half a million email subscribers.

Track your submissions and do your best to send exclusive content to these sites. It’s well worth the reward.

Tinu Abayomi-Paul is a website promotion specialist. Her online marketing and content distribution tips can be read at Free Traffic Tip.

Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Tinu Abayomi-Paul is a website promotion specialist. Her online marketing and content distribution tips can be read at Free Traffic Tip.
Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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  • Debra Mastaler

    Tina – great great list! LOL, I know I’m supposed to say more but really, that about sums it up. Lots of work on your part, I can relate. Thanks for sharing.

  • randfish

    sniff… sniff… No YOUmoz?

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    25. SEOmoz’s YOUmoz brings a social voting aspect to selective search & online marketing article distribution, topped with an active and comment frenzied responsive readership.

    How’s that Rand?

    I highly suggest readers to contribute their own suggestions and add-on’s to the list… for both search marketing and non-search marketing oriented sites.

  • LaTease Rikard

    Awesome article Tina. I already submitted an article to Thanks.

  • ClockTower

    Good information!

    If one submits the same article to all of the above places will they be penalized for duplicate content

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    I highly suggest submitting unique articles to each online publishing house. It’s worth the extra time & money to write or outsource the articles, and the long term benefits should be quite positive.

  • Vagner

    Awesome and comprehensive list, thank you very much

  • Peter

    Hey Loren, you’ve found a gem here. I’d like to see more articles from Tinu!

  • Tinu

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all the compliments on the article. I think number one should be Search Engine Journal. 🙂 I forgot a few others, Search Engine Guide, YOUmoz, Site Pro News, and a couple of other places for selfish reasons – the exposure is just too good to share!

    Sike. The exposure *is* really good, but I just forgot. 🙂

  • Website Promotion Service

    Extremely useful info. Took down some of the sites and submitted to 3 of the sites already. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jim Legington

    Thanks Tina,

    Just this Article itself is a Viral Marketing Illustrated Event. High Quality Dripping Here!
    Be Blessed always…Peace!

  • Tinu

    Loren’s actually responsible for the title. He edited down the one I submitted. Yet another benefit of high profile exposure: Experienced Editors. 🙂

  • Doug Heil

    Many of those are real good.

    But SEO Self and addme? You really need to look at the type of stuff they promote and how they do it. I wouldn’t give either the time of day.

  • Tinu

    But even if it’s your opinion that those resources have largely bad articles in them, the fact is that they have great *exposure* – imagine if sites that have larger audiences and send good traffic get articles from the best experts. If you put your gold in a bucket of mud, it’s still gold – AND it will stand out to people who can tell the difference.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Doug Heil

    I don’t know about the articles on those sites as that is not what I meant. … no desire to read their articles. 🙂

  • Tinu

    Okay, I’ll bite, what do you mean? I’ve been submitting to those sites for years and frankly, don’t much notice what they promote. As long as it’s not porn, or illegal, lol, I feel the same way about that as I do about the quality of the other articles. 🙂

    I try to find a few gems in my fellow authors articles, and test the audience for people who might need legitimate help.

  • Doug Heil

    Yeah, you are not alone with that as many in this industry will submit stuff to sites without caring what the site promotes or how they promote. That’s just a beef I have with the industry as many promote others…. just because. Of course, that’s one beef of many. 🙂

    You wouldn’t find my articles on those couple of sites…. that’s all I am saying. The word…. association or associated with, is something I take seriously. It’s just a shame that most do not is all.

  • Ronda

    Good resource Tinu. This article is right on time for me as I am at the point of delving into article submission. So this list is quite useful. Thanks!

  • AnnaLaura Brown

    thanks for posting this. I was looking for some new places to submit articles.