How to Do Keyword Research [Infographic]

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Thanks to the Internet and search algorithms, people have learned to express their informational need in the form of keyword queries. Keywords can be easily called the major concept of the global theory of search optimisation because they are the point to start out any web search.

Undoubtedly, one of the main tasks of SEO specialist is to create a competent list of keywords for the promoted web-site. Below you can find the stages that you should pass selecting proper keywords. Fulfilling these points you can decrease expenses for further works in website promotion and to increase the success of advertising campaign. So, what are these stages? See our infographic below.

See the embed code for this infographic at Promodo.

Roman Viliavin
Roman Viliavin is the Vice CEO in Promodo SEM Company, European company with a focus on complex Internet marketing approach to online promotion. He has... Read Full Bio
Roman Viliavin
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  • I thought this was awesome! I loved how the process was presented in a simple, understandable & crystal-clear manner. I think I’m even still nowhere near an SEO newbie and at times I tend to mix the process up.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    • Taldi

      I cannot agree more with you! This is definately a great guide, I was struggling to do this on my own but you helped me a lot. In the past I had to buy keyword research services on or similar websites but now I understand how it works.

  • Amazing works,its very helpul for me.

  • It’s best practice to do keyword research for every page of the site and optimize every page. The search engines rank pages, not websites as a whole. When choosing keywords, it’s important to select a mix of broad and niche keywords to attract people that are in different phases of the buying cycle.

    • I second Nick on this one. Very cool infographic though!

  • What a great job you guys did . The infographic is impressive and says more than 1000 words. It’s like having a whole tutorial on keywords in one image. Amazing!!!

  • Love It!!! Thanks for making a confusing process SIMPLE!

  • Finally, here it is! You did it: a tool to help organize the keyword process which is typically a mess- thanks! Lately we have been finding we also need to pay more attention to the site’s content and the language being used on social media platforms for keyword/keyword phrases to ensure there is enough content that “speaks” to the searchers’ language- sorry but we may need to add another step or sub-step:) Gotta run and pin this up!