How to Add Fresh Content to Your Social Profiles

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Building multiple profiles for social media marketing, online reputation management or for SEO purposes is pretty easy. But keeping those profiles actively updated with relevant content can be a whole different story. Looking for an easy way to add fresh content to your social profiles? Easy, update them from an RSS feed, your blog or your Twitter account. Using Hellotxt you can help add equity to your social profiles and keep them constantly updated.

Keep your social profiles fresh with Hellotxt

1. Sign up for your account

2. Add your social profiles

Select from several dozen social profiles including Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Friendfeed and more.

3. Setup your feed

There are three easy ways you can update Hellotxt via RSS feed.

  • Setup a general feed on Twitterfeed

Setting up a feed on Twitterfeed is fairly simple, simply create an account and select “create feed”. The rest is displayed in the image below. To find your Hellotxt API visit this page

*The downside to twitterfeed is the maximum feed update time is 24 hours. You must select a feed that updates at least every 24 hours or you will get duplicate updates.

  • Update directly from your blog using the Hellotxt wordpress plugin

One of the easiest ways to utilize Hellotxt is to use the blog update method. Every time you publish a post it will send an update to all available services.

  • Post twitter updates to all social profiles

Simply select the “twitter” option during feed setup to send your twitter updates to all of your social accounts.

William Atkin is an SEO Analyst at Search & Social. Atkin, who describes himself as passionate about organic SEO, has a breadth of knowledge in website conversion, ecommerce, branding and user behavior from his experience as an internet business owner.

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    Part of the battle is really setting up the profiles but keeping them updated is also very important.

  • Joe

    Also very good and quite similar is

    Both Ping.FM & Hellotxt support different social media websites, so try them both to see if the sites you want to automatically post to are supported.

  • Will Atkin

    Yes is another great service that is basically the same as Hellotxt. I’m sure we’re going to see more of these types of services popping up in the future too.

  • mervik

    Very very informative post. Thanks a bunch. I was facing exactly the same problem. For the work with a site ( I have created many profiles SBM SNWrking profiles etc. But updating them was tedious work and most of the profiles remain the same as of the creation date. This could do I hope. Thanks friend, but the only thing is {doubt} it is taking much more time to SBM s to get indexed. Can’t understand the reason.

  • gregluque1

    We really need more services like this to support this task and make it easier.

  • Kelly Pope

    Hi, You befriended me on twitter. I would like to discuss your product and ask a few questions from you myself. My pages (website) is not optimized, however I am new in the field of SEO enough that I am too busy building and teaching others to build optimized lead pages in meta tags, relevancy, keyword density and relevant links, alt tags, optimized pics, and others I have been able to rank on first 3. I would like to convensate with you and understand more about the product as most everyone does not have the time. I have very important questions to ask. Kelly +1602-754-5576 and skype da16212001. Thanks for your time.

  • Edward

    This tool is helping me a lot in CRM software website updating purpose in different social media profiles , I am a regular user of but found this tool a booooon in updating my social media profiles thanks a lot for such a precious post. it is really a time saver!!