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Got Problems with Google? Mind Your Own Site First

Frequenting webmaster forums and SEO blogs you will see multiple discussions on how to get Google index or crawl your site faster. What you should always bear in mind is that Google is sure to make the most of your website based on its maximum capacities. Don’t try to “force” Google to visit more often or crawl deeper or faster.

What I’ve seen with my most recent sites:

  • If you host your site with a reliable service, Google will most probably start indexing your site within just a couple of days (even without any external links);
  • If you moderately add content, Google will crawl your site deeper with each next visit;
  • If you ensure proper website architecture and interlinking, you won’t have any troubles with Google crawl depth;
  • If your server is fast enough, Googlebot will visit often and crawl as fast as possible…

If you think your site deserves more frequent visits or deeper crawling, think how to improve the site itself first (before trying to change anything externally): setting the faster Googlebot crawl rate and adding external links shouldn’t be the first things to do. What should be your priorities instead:

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Got Problems with Google? Mind Your Own Site First

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