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Google’s New Website Analysis Tool,, Has Several Reported Bugs

Google’s New Website Analysis Tool,, Has Several Reported Bugs

Multiple bugs have been reported in Google’s new website and SEO analysis tool,, which have been confirmed as known issues. was just released yesterday in open beta, so issues are to be expected in these early stages.

With that said, it’s important for developers and SEOs to be aware of these issues when using to perform site audits.

If the tool reports on an error that you believe to be false, check to see if it’s a known issue. It’s possible there’s not really an error at all.

Our own developer, Vahan Petrosyan, spent a sleepless night trying to fix an error on this site when there wasn’t anything wrong in the first place. It was just a bug in the tool.

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The error he’s referencing has to do with incorrectly reporting that a site does not support HTTP/2.

This has been confirmed as a bug here.

Vahan encountered another issue with that tool where is reporting on HTML elements that do not exist.

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Google developer Rob Dodson confirmed another bug in which says nothing is a PWA (Progressive Web App).

Dodson goes on to explain that the bugs originate from the version of Lighthouse that is running.

If you encounter anything unusual that you believe to be an error, report it as an issue on this GitHub forum, or check to see if anyone else has reported it first.

As the issues get ironed out, the development team will provide users with an updated status report here.


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