Google’s New Toolbar 2.0 Blocks Popups!

Loren Baker
Loren Baker SEJ STAFF
Google’s New Toolbar 2.0 Blocks Popups!

Google just enhanced their toolbar with a pop up blocker with the following:

* Pop up Blocker: Make surfing the web easier by stopping annoying popups
* AutoFill: Automatically fill in a form with the click of a button
* BlogThis: Create a weblog post pointing to the page you are visiting *WOW*

BlogThis is used to automatically upload links to your Blogger page (if you use blogger) so you can post simply in a small pop up window. This is an excellent blogging tool and a fabulaous way for Google to promote their new Blogger acquisition!

And no…. Google’s Pop up blocker does not block the BlogThis pop up! 🙂

Install the Google Toolbar – Where unprofessional journalism looks better – Google Toolbar 2.0 Beta
TechWeb: Google Moves Toolbar Into Beta, Adds Pop-Up Blocker

And yes, we did use blogThis for these links!

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