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Google’s iOS App Now Has Incognito Mode, + More in Latest Update

google app incognito

Google’s iOS app now has an incognito mode for private searching and web browsing. The latest update to Google’s flagship app for iOS is packed with three new features, designed to create a faster and more secure searching experience.

Google’s flagship iOS app finally has incognito mode, which allows people to conduct searches without their search or browsing history being saved. Incognito mode can be turned on from the app’s Settings page, with the added option of using Touch ID to re-enter your browsing session should your screen go to sleep.

Videos in Search
Google has simplified the process of searching for and watching YouTube videos with its app. Now, when you tap on a YouTube link in search, it will play right within the app. No longer will you have to go back and forth between the Google app and YouTube app.

Without giving away too many details, Google says it has “made some improvements under the hood of your app.” What this amounts to is an app which is said to be twice as reliable and less likely to crash than the previous version.

The app can now be downloaded or updated from Apple’s App Store. For more information, see the official changelog.

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Google’s iOS App Now Has Incognito Mode, + More in Latest Update

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