Google on Website Security and Manual Actions

Google on Website Security and Manual Actions

Wednesday, October 18 at 2:00 PM Eastern
Eric Kuan
Presented By

Eric Kuan

Webmaster Relations Specialist,
Brent Csutoras
Moderated By

Brent Csutoras

Search Engine Journal

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your website is well-maintained and optimized. But with a barrage of other time-consuming tasks that need your attention, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of everything.

Critical website issues, such as security threats and search engine penalties, can hurt your rankings and your bottom line. And the worst part is – when your site is hacked or hit by a manual action, it’s already too late. The major damage has been done.

Now is the time to start working proactively so you can prevent experiencing these difficult situations.

Join Eric Kuan, Webmaster Relations Specialist for Google, in this free webinar as he covers two hot topics for SEOs: website security and manual actions.


  • What Google is seeing in hacking trends.
  • What HTTPS does (and doesn’t do).
  • How to best address a hacked site.
  • How manual actions work.
  • How to avoid getting penalized.
  • What to do when you’ve had a manual action applied to your site.