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Google Has Removed Over 80% of Hacked Sites from Search Results

Google has released new details about about its spam fighting efforts, revealing that more than 80% of hacked sites have been detected and removed from search results.

The search giant plans to continue its efforts by working directly with popular content management systems to fight back against those who compromise forums and comment sections with spam.

“Last year, we focused a great deal of effort on reducing the impact on users from hacked websites, and were able to detect and remove more than 80 percent of compromised sites from search results. We’re also working closely with many providers of popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla to help them fight spammers that abuse forums and comment sections.”

Here are some other notable stats from Google’s recent announcement. In 2017:

  • Google conducted 250+ webmaster meetups and office hours around the world reaching more than 220,000 website owners.
  • Google sent over 45 million notifications to registered website owners through Search Console, alerting them to possible problems with their websites which could affect their appearance in search.
  • Google sent 6 million manual action messages to webmasters about practices that were against Google’s guidelines, along with information on how to resolve the issues.
  • Google took action on nearly 90,000 user reports of search spam.

Google will, of course, continue its efforts to protect searchers and site owners from spam. The company also encourages users to help by reporting issues encountered with Google search. This is done by clicking on the “Send feedback” link at the bottom of the search results page.

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Google Has Removed Over 80% of Hacked Sites from Search Results

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