Google Enters the Twitter Game : Google + Twitter = Twoogling?

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Google is now on Twitter. As insane as it may seem, it has taken Google years to start using their Google account, which is located at


Google + Twitter = Twoogling?

Their first post, a Twoogle if you will, was a binary message (way to geek it up Google) :

I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010

Roughly translated to : I’m F E E L I N G L U C K Y

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a sign. No, it’s not a sign of a Google acquisition, although John Battelle did start off my morning with an excellent post on how Twitter is the new YouTube :

So why did Google really buy YouTube? My answer, which of course looks brilliant given it’s 20/20 hindsight: YouTube was a massive search asset.

After all, YouTube now gets more searches than Yahoo, Google’s closest search rival.“

Battelle argues that Twitters main asset may not be its userbase or its buzz, but its “Real time. Converational Search

So, does Google opening up it’s Twitter account with binary riddles spell the ultimate acquisition of Twitter by Google. Not really. Instead it more or less signifies that Google has accepted Twitter as a form of mass communication in the same way that Google was interested in Blogger and Blogging. Remember when the Official Google Blog was first launched in 2004? Before that, Google relied on Google Groups and various webmaster forums to communicate with its users, webmasters, publishers and other target audiences.

Now, Google has a blog for everything. The Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. The Official GMail Blog. Google LatLong. The Google Analytics Blog …etc. Noticing a trend here?

One problem with blogging however. Remember that GMail outage we had on Monday night? Where was the Official GMail Blog then?

GMail Outage Uproar More Popular Than Obama

The GMail outage ran from Monday evening (as early as 12 am EST) until early Tuesday morning (outages were still being reported at 8 am EST). In a nutshell, GMail and Google Apps was down for half of the world during their peak business hours. Scary.

At 11 am PST, roughly 7 hours after coming back online and 13 hours after the GMail outage began, Google addressed the outage on the Official GMail Blog.

It took Google 13 hours to address the largest global outage of their flagship business service on their blog.

Now look at the Twitter Trends for GMail, Google and Google Mail over this same time period (as provided by Flaptor’s Twist) :


To put the Twitter buzz into perspective, look at a comparison of the Twittering about GMail during its outage to the Twittering about Obama during his Congressional speech later that same day.


Yes, there were almost twice as much Tweeting going on that day about GMail than Obama addressing the nation. And President Obama’s speech was a massive global event which has a direct influence on the world’s economy.

Google Should Have Been Twittering on Day One

And during all of this, Google was not using its Google Twitter account. While the rest of the world was Twittering about Google’s GMail crash, Google was sleeping (or at least its Twitter account was).

Google is not getting into Twitter in a test before acquiring the company. Google is getting into Twitter because Twitter is where it’s all happening. Google is entering the Twitter game for reputation management, to communicate, to address instant concerns and because they see that the world is Twittering, and Google is the last kid to join the team. Google is late to the game. The world is Twittering, and now Google is too.

Twitter is real ladies and gentlemen. It is realtime conversation. Senators are Twittering. Journalists are Twittering. Demi Moore is I would not be surprised if the President of the United States starts Twittering. And now Google is Twittering.

I think John Battelle has a good point about Twitter’s realtime search value. And how it may someday provide more searches than YouTube or Yahoo, but he also brings up that Twitter’s founders already sold Blogger to Google, and walked away from that sale with a bad taste in their mouths. Now they are sitting on something massive. A global mobile communications tool, soon to be on the laptops, PC’s and cellphones of the world’s population.. talking, searching, living, via Twitter.

Google on Twitter May Mean NO Acquisition

Now that Google has entered the game they give more value to Twitter. They have validated its dominance of communication and microblogging, which is probably one reason they stayed away from Twittering in the past.

Google did not start blogging until it acquired Blogger, other search engines were blogging AND revamped their Blogger platform. Meaning that Google was not about to start blogging and legitimize the practice as an open form of communication until their owned blogger and could influence the direction of blogging as a whole. As a matter of fact, Search Engine Journal was blogging before Google was blogging.

By using Twitter, has Google thrown in the acquisition towel? Twitter has already turned down a $500 million offer, in the middle of a recession, imagine what its worth will be in one or two years. Perhaps Twitter is reaching the point where it’s getting too big for acquisition and more likely to go in a while new direction.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Should twoogling be a twitter new? We just don’t know if google has no interest in acquiring twitter.( I would really hate it if they would) But to put it in perspective, this is business and whatever threatens google’s existence will soon find itself acquired.

  • Yes, Google will certainly look to acquire Twitter s youtube is loosing it’s charm over twitter.

    B/w Google can start something new with Twoogling as base…….lol…Google engineer must have finished of with site layout till now.

  • *Google Should Have Been Twittering on Day One* Precisely. I’m sure that’s what Yahoo were really saying here:

  • @ Kalena, LOL, great find 🙂

    Problem is, Yahoo’s usually the first person on base, but they end up getting picked off by Google!

  • Will Google acquire Twitter in near future?

  • Jan

    Google IS twittering for a long time.

    for example:

  • @Jan : YEah, Google is doing some great work here too :

  • I wonder – is there something else beyond twitter and Google? Something better. More user friendly. More easily accepted. With more tools straight off. Texting tweets into a phone is not a great user experience. What might be next?

  • Twitter has reached what Malcolm Gladwell calls the tipping point. It’s spreading like an epidemic and has reached mainstream. A large part of the population demographic has at least heard of Twitter and millions are using the service.

    However, the vast potential of Twitter is untapped. There are many uses that have yet to be discovered. Savvy marketers, sales pro’s and others are finding ways to use the medium to connect, create more opportunities and increase their business.

    It’s an exciting time to be alive!

  • If Google is interested in Twitter, we may expect a multilingual version, incorporating the Google Translate engine, which should be acclaimed by us all. This would popularize even more Twitter as THE quick and easy mini-blog platform for quick communication.

  • Both will definately collaberate and become famous and reciprocating the users these can become a gaint websites and finally famous

  • If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  • Excellent post, Loren – you’ve stated very well what many have been thinking and wondering about Google’s lack of attention to Twitter as a massive, real-time search platform.

  • There is a post here on Twitter Search Engine Optimization that predicts that Google will acquire Twitter.

  • Maybe I’m missing something but haven’t various parts of Google been on Twitter for some time. Not just @mattcutts but @AdWordsProSarah, @InsideAdwords, AdWordsHelper etc

  • Anthony

    Good Post. Will be interesting to see where things head.

    ps. spell check.

  • Really interesting Loren. This is the surprising one because the google enters into the twitter game.

    I have twoogled 🙂

  • I actually wrote a post similar to this on our blog. I agree that Google is playing catchup…they are doing it in a lot of markets and its not a good trend.

    Check my blog about the same topic and let me know what you think:


  • It’s great to have google on twitter, twitter is becoming a must have now days, and about google aiming to buy twitter, I *think* it wouldn’t be a bad idea..

  • Antonio R.

    Twitter’s about to reach the high point of its hype cycle, and will fade out. Hopefully it will be replaced by better tools aiming at… sharing links and trips to the bathroom. It’s like a new IRC. You can’t compare it to YouTube. People don’t gather at computer screens to read twitter feeds (if they do, there’s something wrong with them).

  • Google was never going to buy Twitter….they are going broke on useless purchases from the past and are hunkering down to concentrate on paid search…Google on Twitter is useless since nothing of any pertinent data will be revealed outside of the garden walls.

  • @twoogle please explain why after all of this coverage, you only have one tweet, and 6 followers? If you started following me and I didn’t know who @twoogle was, I would have ignored the request completely. So start talkin’. kthxbai.

  • This is quite interesting – what is Google looking to gain by being on Twitter? Improve their image, or get millions of followers?

    Hmm, this just doesn’t smell nice!

  • $500 M in the middle of a recession….geez,where have i been.

  • In response to Vern at Aim for Awesome:

  • In the Real Name of the Google’s Account says: “A Googler” … Somebody else noticed?..

  • Yeah, I think something is up…if Google buys Twitter, will they somehow incorporate some conversational data into their search results? Very interesting!

  • I like Vern’s comments

  • I think Twitter is basically made to be sold as they have no monitization yet. And all of us know that Google is the most potential buyer!

  • Yeah Google dropped the ball on this one. They are usually ahead of the game, but looks like they are behind in this case.

  • believe it or not…

    @live_search was on before @yahoo and @google…

    so what id instead of Yahoo! search MSFT buys Twitter?

    MSN uses all that search to pass Yahoo! on the way to Google?

    nope.. @ballmer and @steveballmer are just MSFt bashers.

  • Google is the KING when it come to content and search engines. When they acquire TWITTER then they can reach people with their google ads instead of waiting for the people to go on or affiliate google sites.

    Google is always ahead they are just calculating their risks on this one.

    – Daniel Chege .

  • There are a lot of noises going the way of Twitter- perhaps this simple tool has become too effective? Anyway, this was a nice reading and a good lesson on online trends. Thanks again.

  • I like how you have put google + twitter = twoogling very intelligent.

  • Any good articles on the linking value of social websites? Any chance Google will ignore those sites from rankings?

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  • Google + Twitter = Twoogling. funny. hah

  • Thanks a lot …. this will really be very helpful and the matter of the fact is the whole content fall so smoothly at place …. make it very readable …. appreciate the effort.

  • Social media networks like Twitter have changed the ways news and information has been spread across the 21st century. It shocks me that Google, being such a large and prominent company is just beginning to take advantage of this market. I also agree with some of the prior posts, “Twoogling” is a catchy name base and may be the next “Tweeting”.