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Google Announces the Official Google Blog

Google today unleashed the Google Blog, an official blog penned by the people at Google using Blogger, the blogging software owned and recently overhauled by Google. The Google Blog is described by Google as a way to “Get the latest word direct from the Googleplex about new technology, hot issues, and the wide world of search.”

Rumored to be a future hot destination for search engine optimization hounds, it looks more like the Google Blog may serve as a press center (replacing the Google Press list, housed on the competition’s Yahoo Groups community). The Google Blog should be a fresh way to keep up on hip and happening Google news and comings and goings at the GooglePlex, especially for the future co-owners of Google – post IPO investors. The original Google Blog entry deals with Google European and Indo expansion.

No Google Blog Search Yet

The Google Blog is housed on the URL and recently this URL (currently serving a Server Error Page) has been picked up and monitored by search engine junkies who see this being the perfect URL for a Google Blog Search. Recently, Yahoo has introduced an RSS feed search in their search technology and DayPop, FeedSter, and Blog Search Engine have been taking steps to futher define blog search. If Google gets into the Blog and RSS Search picture (which would be better for search functionality than revenue building… for now), such a scenario could really flip the blog search community upside down.

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Google Announces the Official Google Blog

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