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Google Search Console Adds Reports for Guided Recipes

Google Search Console will now report on the performance of ‘guided recipe’ rich results.

Google is adding support for Guided Recipes in Search Console, as well as the ability to validate the markup in the Rich Results Test tool.

Guided Recipe markup is designed to help walk users through a step-by-step process when searching for recipes in Google Assistant.

Google launched this feature two years ago, and until now site owners have not had an easy way of determining how well the markup is performing.

Further, Google has not offered a way to validate the markup in order to be sure it’s implemented correctly.

With the new features announced today Google is making up for those limitations:

Updates to Search Console

In Search Console, site owners can view the clicks and impressions for pages that are surfaced in Google as Guided Recipe rich results.

Search Console will also report on the implementation of Guided Recipe markup, notifying site owners when errors are detected.

When an error has been fixed, site owners can use the same report to notify Google that a page has changed and should be recrawled.

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Updates to Rich Results Test Tool

Google has updated its Rich Results Test tool with the ability to validate Guided Recipe markup.

This allows site owners to check for errors on a per-page basis.

Site owners can even test their markup before a page goes live, as the Rich Results Test can analyze raw code as well as published pages.

In addition to validating the code, the tool can show site owners what the Guided Recipe markup will look like when rendered by Google Assistant.

These updates are now available for all sites utilizing Guided Recipe markup.

Source: Google

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Google Search Console Adds Reports for Guided Recipes

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