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Google Launches Voice Recognition Search for Apple iPhone

Google search has now added voice recognition software to their search application on Apple iPhones. Now, iPhone users can request Google results without having to type information on their phones, a must for drivers or those on the go … aren’t phones for speaking and listening anyway?

Google iPhone spoken search will be made available to Apple iPhone and iPod users today via the Apple iTunes store, and will let users ask questions that are not only local directory sensitive (like the 1-800-GOOG-411 experiment) but also basic search questions which request facts or figures.

The Google results, according to the New York Times, can automatically detect the location of the iPhone via GPS and serve localized results. So if you’re standing in the middle of Times Square and ask “Where is the nearest Afghan restaurant?” your results would be locally targeted and different than if you were standing in the middle of Tribeca.

Yahoo OneSearch and Microsoft Live Search 411 also both offer speech recognition search ability.

This is Why Local Search Marketing is Important

With spoken search querying and audio results now available via Google on the iPhone, this gives local businesses even more reason to make sure that they are taking advantage of the Google Local Business Center and other local search marketing tactics that can lead to more walk in traffic, sales and leads for businesses that market via local search, and leave businesses who do not out in the cold.

Update : Google Voice Search For iPhone Delayed

According to numerous sources, Google voice search for the iPhone has been delayed and should launch tomorrow (Monday).

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Google Launches Voice Recognition Search for Apple iPhone

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