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GOOG-411 : Google Voice Search Local

Last week Google Labs launched which may become their most relevant and usable product launch in some time, Google Voice Local Search.

The goal of the Google Voice Local Search project is to deliver local business search information, think of a 411 Yellowpages, over any phone which dials 1-800-GOOG-411.

GOOG-411 gives two options, one to be connected with businesses (free to end user) or to have the business details texted to the mobile phone via SMS.

In both options Google can build similar business models. For example, the first option could be pay per call, so the civilian who dials GOOG-411 uses the service for free, and the business pays for each incoming lead.

Using the text service, Google has the alternative of placing a locally targeted AdWords ad in the message to the cell phone while also working the pay per call angle with the targeted businesses.

Greg Sterling notes that with Microsoft now owning TellMe and Google going live with GOOG-411, the odd man out seems to be Yahoo!, despite their former Nuance employees.

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GOOG-411 : Google Voice Search Local

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