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Google Launches Auto-Verification in Search Console

Google is making it easier for site owners to verify their sites in Google Search Console.

Users who are verified owners of a Google Analytics property will be automatically verified for the same website in Google Search Console.

Previously, users could accelerate the verification process in Search Console if they were also the owner of a Google Analytics property. However, the process still had to be initiated manually.

When this update rolls out the whole process will be automated. In theory, users could have a verified property in Search Console without ever logging into the service.

That’s a good thing because Google sends important notifications through Search Console, such as messages about indexing errors.

So even if a site owner is not interested in viewing reports in the Search Console dashboard, they’ll still get messages from Google in their inbox.

Google sums this all up in its official announcement:

“Search Console is a free tool that provides website owners with information which can be critical to performance in Google Search. Once verified, Search Console compiles reports on the website’s performance in Search, including search queries, the website’s rankings, and the number of clicks and impressions. Additionally, there’s information about a site’s indexing, the status of various implemented features on the website, as well as reports and notifications of critical issues.”

Auto-verification will be available over the coming months.

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Google Launches Auto-Verification in Search Console

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