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Google Search Console is Notifying Site Owners About AMP Issues

Site owners have been receiving e-mail notifications from Google Search Console regarding issues detected on AMP pages.

Google prefaces the notification by saying the issues will not affect how pages show up in search results. Rather, Google is notifying webmasters about issues related to social media on AMP pages.

”An evaluation of your site has revealed issues with some of your AMP pages. This issue will not affect your appearance on search, but with just a few changes, you could improve the user experience on these pages.”

An SEO shared a screenshot on Twitter of the notification he received:

In this example, Google notified the individual about an issue related to captions missing from Instagram posts embedded in an article. It’s likely that these notifications could be triggered for any type of social media-related issue found on AMP pages.

While these types of issues will not directly affect how an AMP page shows up in search, it’s important to keep in mind that user experience can be an indirect ranking factor. Google always stresses the importance of keeping visitors happy.

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Google Search Console is Notifying Site Owners About AMP Issues

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