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Google Has A New Page For Bard Chatbot Updates

Stay informed about Bard's latest features with Google's new experiment updates page.

  • Google launched a dedicated Bard Experiment Updates page to track new features easily.
  • Bard's math and logic capabilities significantly improved through integration with the PaLM project.
  • Coding skills will soon be added to Bard, enhancing its utility as an AI assistant.

Google recently launched a dedicated Experiment Updates page for the Bard AI project, making it simple for users to stay informed about the latest features.

This new page allows you to get a first look at and test out Bard’s latest capabilities.

Previously, Google announced Bard updates via Twitter, making it difficult to track the latest enhancements.

Now, every significant update to Bard will be documented on Google’s new page. Here’s a look at what was just added.

More Suggested Search Topics With “Google It” Feature

One of the key updates in Bard’s inaugural experiment is the addition of extra suggested search topics when users click “Google it.”

This update can help users explore a broader range of interests and discover more related topics.

Improved Math & Logic Capabilities

Google has also acknowledged that Bard’s performance in math and logic prompts isn’t up to par.

The last update to Bard, on March 31, significantly boosted its math and logic capabilities by integrating advancements from Google’s PaLM (Program and Language Models) project.

As a result, Bard is now better equipped to understand and respond to multi-step word and math problems.

You can expect more accurate and relevant answers to math and logic-related queries, which is crucial for professionals who need accurate data for decision-making.

Coding Skills Coming Soon To Bard

Google has also hinted that coding capabilities will be added to Bard soon. This development will further enhance Bard’s utility as an AI assistant.

With the incorporation of PaLM’s advances and the upcoming coding feature, Bard is set to become an even more powerful tool for users who need precise information and versatile functionality.

Featured Image: IB Photography/Shutterstock

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Google Has A New Page For Bard Chatbot Updates

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