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Google Expands Its College Search Features

Google Expands Its College Search Features

Google is expanding its college search features, introduced last year, with the ability to search for more types of programs.

The feature now includes two-year colleges, as well as associate and certificate programs at four-year colleges.

Google has also introduced a new discovery engine for colleges that can help students find schools offering the programs they’re interested in.

Here’s more information about each of these updates.

Search for More Programs

This update refers to the knowledge graph cards that show up when searching for colleges in the US. Previously, the feature only included four-year colleges.

Now, the knowledge graph cards will show for two-year colleges and popular programs that can be taken at four-year colleges.

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In addition to providing information about the institution itself, Google’s knowledge graph cards show information about individual programs offered at the college and the cost of tuition.

To give students a realistic look at what it costs to attend a specific college, Google displays the tuition cost and the “total cost” with books and housing.

Explore More Colleges

Google has a new exploration tool that lets users find colleges based on specific sets of criteria.

Users can discover colleges by filtering the list by parameters such as:

  • Program
  • Location
  • Type
  • State
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Size
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If a user isn’t sure which college they want to look up they can enter a more generic query like “hotel management schools in Georgia.”

Google Expands Its College Search Features

These updates are available now to searchers in the US.


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