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Google Doesn’t Intend to Bring All Old Features to the New Search Console

Google Doesn’t Intend to Bring All Old Features to the New Search Console

Google’s John Mueller recently confirmed there are no plans to bring all legacy features to the new version of Search Console.

This topic was discussed in the latest #AskGoogleWebmasters video which deals specifically with submitting a robots.txt file in the new Search Console.

That’s one of the more commonly used legacy features that has not been ported over yet. Submitting disavow files is another feature that gets asked about a lot.

As it turns out, those who are waiting to use those features in the new Search Console may be waiting indefinitely.

In the video, Mueller states:

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“In general, our plan with the new Search Console is not to just copy features over, but rather to rethink them along the way.

What problems are we trying to help websites with? Is this still something that needs to be handled in our tools – or has the problem become mostly irrelevant in the meantime?

Are there other ways to help which might be more efficient? Or, perhaps, less confusing?”

There’s a lot of work involved in bringing old features to the new Search Console, Mueller says. So even if there were plans to bring more old features over it would still take time.

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No one but Google knows what the company’s future plans are with Search Console, as Mueller says they tend to avoid pre-announcing anything. Instead, Google will just launch features when they’re ready.

In the meantime, users can freely switch between the new and old versions of Search Console in order to access any legacy features.


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