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Google Display & Video 360 Helps Marketers Protect Their Brand

Google is introducing new ways for marketers to protect their brand while running Display & Video 360 campaigns.

New measures put in place will prevent marketers from buying unauthorized web and app ad inventory, and control where their digital ads are appearing.

Ads.txt-only is the new default for web inventory

Starting in August, Google will make ads.txt-only the default setting for all new campaigns created in Display & Video 360 and running on web inventory.

Ads.txt is a file that lets publishers openly declare who is authorized to sell their inventory programmatically.

This change will ensure marketers only buy authorized inventory because they’ll be buying inventory from the actual property owner or an authorized reseller.

Over 93% of the inventory available in Display & Video 360 is authorized by ads.txt files.

Google is also pushing for app developers to publish files in the recently introduced app-ads.txt standard.

App-ads.txt offers similar protections as ads.txt, but it’s strictly for ads running in apps.

Brand Controls dashboard

With a new Brand Controls dashboard, publishers can be certain their ads only appear in a context they define as suitable.

The dashboard offers a single view of brand suitability settings, campaigns using ads.txt-only authorized sellers, and verification services across all campaigns.

Users can see how their campaigns are using content labels, sensitive categories, and keyword exclusions. Changes can also be made to these settings from the same dashboard.

Lastly, Brand Controls has built-in fraud detection, so users can get a report that shows what percentage of traffic was filtered before a bid was placed.

With fraud detection and brand suitability safeguards, users can get full transparency on how Display & Video 360 is protecting their media buys.

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Google Display & Video 360 Helps Marketers Protect Their Brand

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