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Google Desktop Fixes IE Related Security Hole

Google Desktop Fixes IE Related Security Hole

Google has addressed a recent report on an Internet Explorer security hole and that flaw’s effect on Google Desktop by making changes to Desktop. CIO Today reports that “Google has made a correction to its Desktop Search service so that it cannot be used any longer in conjunction with the remote attack”

“Even though Internet Explorer is the root cause of the vulnerability, Google’s changing its Desktop Search so that it was no longer remotely accessible though the vulnerability in IE was the responsible thing for Google to do,” said Gartner Research Latest News about Gartner vice president Neil MacDonald. “This will protect Google’s Desktop Search users until Microsoft addresses the root cause issue.”

“This still leaves open other CSS-based attacks on other products as long as the vulnerability in IE remains,” he said. “Now the ball is back in Microsoft’s court where it should have been from the beginning.”

Although the flaw was a Microsoft IE security hole and not a Google problem, Google still got a boatload of bad press over the issue, and they’ve done the right thing by addressing the IE problem with Google Desktop. Funny that they would have overlooked this in the first place.

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Google Desktop Fixes IE Related Security Hole

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