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Google Ads is Testing New Lead Form Extensions

Google Ads is testing a new way for businesses to capture customer information with lead form extensions.

This new ad extension was spotted by Steven Johns, who notes that he has access to it in his EGO Power+ Austria account:

In the screenshot shared in the tweet above, you can see how the new ad extension works. It’s designed to attract customers with a compelling call-to-action, in this case a special offer, which can only be accessed after filling out a lead form.

Advertisers can customize lead forms with their own title and description, and indicate which pieces of information they want to ask customers for. Customer information could include any or all of:

  • Customer name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Postcode

As shown in the example above, advertisers can even design and upload their own background image for the lead form.

Lastly, advertisers can customize the message that appears after after customers submit their information.

Advertisers will have the option to deliver on their call-to-action in the form of a website link or a direct download. A new Google Ads support page indicates that these extensions can be integrated into an advertiser’s CRM.

Another new support page indicates that lead form extensions in search ads is currently a beta feature that only some businesses are eligible for. Google says some sensitive verticals and sub-verticals are not eligible for these lead form extensions.

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Google Ads is Testing New Lead Form Extensions

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