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GoogGoul Halloween Event Search Engine – Spotlight #11

GoogGoul Halloween Event Search Engine – Spotlight #11

GooGhoul Halloween Event Search Engine – Spotlight #11

Looking for some Halloween events in your area or simply looking to get spooked while performing a search? Try GoogGoul (yep , pronounced Google), the Halloween event search engine.

Simply type in your zip code into GooGhoul’s searchbox and the creepy search engine will respond with Haunted Houses, Hayrides, Haunted Woods, Haunted Mazes, Trails and Halloween Parties in your area. The search engine seems like its all fun, but with strategically placed Halloween oriented contextual advertising on the front page and affiliate links in the search results, I wonder what Google might have to say about this seasonal play on words at GooGhoul.

Kinda reminds me of the Microsoft via Mike Rowe’s web site case. Potential lawsuits aside, give GooGhoul a spin to find some freaks in your neighborhood ready to get their Halloween on.

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GoogGoul Halloween Event Search Engine – Spotlight #11

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