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Glydo FireFox Addon Discovers Related Articles & Tweets as You Surf

I have covered previously a few tools that search for related content by analyzing the content on the given URL. Today’s tool does pretty much the same – but it does have some cool features to check.

Glydo (install it here) is a new interesting FireFox addon that analyzes the pages you are viewing and displays more related posts in the status bar.


What I liked:

  • Really usable interface – I enjoyed navigating through recent headlines right from the browser status bar. This makes it really easy to quickly understand if you want / need to click-through to read the story. The interface includes:
    • The post title;
    • The post site icon (which makes the source easy to recognize);
    • The exact update date or time (gives you an idea of how fresh the story is);
  • The ability to view related Tweets (sorted by relevance rather than time);

Glydo Tweets

  • The ability to view related news (not sure about the source);
  • The ability to view related videos (source: Youtube);
  • The ability to access top headlines with one click (just when you are bored);
  • Auto notifications of "featured" related stories (you can turn it off or set the frequency);
  • The ability to share the headline and the link right from the status bar just with one click (via AddThis).

What I didn’t really like:

  • Not really relevant for some type of content I often browse: e.g. Google search results. Per their official support:

sometimes (rarely, I hope), when there isn’t enough information available on the page to determine what might be the appropriate recommendations, you will receive only non-contextual recommendations, i.e. ones that are independent of the content you’re viewing.

The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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Glydo FireFox Addon Discovers Related Articles & Tweets as You Surf

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