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Firefox Security Upgraded – Time to Update

Firefox Security Upgraded – Time to Update

Mozilla Foundation released an updated version of their flagship browser Firefox today. It has now reached version no. 1.02 and is available as a free download. The foundation recommends all the existing users of the open source browser to upgrade to remain secure from the bugs fixed in this updated release. The bugs fixed in this update were not disclosed prior to this release. As a result, no damage was caused to the users of the vulnerable versions.

Some of the bugs fixed in this release as per the release notes are: Drag and drop loading of privileged XUL, Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel and GIF heap overflow parsing Netscape extension 2. One of the past update to the final version of Firefox fixed around 17 security vulnerabilities. The foundation does not plan to start a regular patch release cycle as some of the major software companies around. However, they promise to keep fixing the bugs as and when they are discovered.

Firefox has been a grand success ever since the first final version was launched to the public late last year. It has been download more than 25 million times from the official sources and more switchers are being added on a daily basis. It has taken around 5% of the web browser market share and the foundation has a target to touch double figures in the current year itself.

The developers however disagree to the general opinion about Firefox that as it gets more and more popular, more bugs would be discovered in the openly available source code considering more hackers would want to target the users running Firefox. They claim that Firefox’s open source nature and non-support for proprietary technologies like ActiveX makes it comprehensively secure than other browsers in the market.

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Firefox Security Upgraded – Time to Update

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