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Extend Your Sitelinks

Google has released an update to Adwords, more specifically sitelink extensions. There is now the opportunity to describe your sitelinks with an extra 70 characters. It’s basically like having ads within an ad.

What Does It Look Like

This is what sitelinks are going to look like from now on and I must say it is definitely a step in the right direction, there is much more information and as a user, I can click on a page that is most relevant to me. As an advertiser, it gives me the opportunity to list more USPs and help reduce irrelevant clicks.

Tech Specs

As before, the link name remains at 25 characters. What has now been introduced is description line 1 and 2, both allowing up to 35 characters. This means that we can now use up to 95 characters per sitelink extension.

Besides the added characters, there are still a few rules that we must abide by, luckily, Google hasn’t added any more rules to sitelink extensions but they are as follows: Sitelinks cannot violate the duplicate sitelink URL policy, Sitelink text cannot use DKIs, Sitelink text cannot be the same as other sitelinks in the same ad group/campaign or the main ad that’s serving.

Why Is This Happening?

Firstly, this feature is only available when you upgrade your campaigns from legacy to enhanced, a gentle push from Google to jump on the band wagon. Google also seem to be bringing out a lot of extensions to improve Adwords ads, such as image extensions and even call extensions. This is more than likely an attempt to entice more and more people to utilise PPC over SEO.

What I find interesting is that they have added 70 characters to sitelink extensions, not that I am complaining. However, I do recall Google reducing the sitelink name from 35 characters to 25. Their reasoning for this was that they had data to prove that sitelinks of a shorter length received a higher click through rate, so why are they undoing this? Perhaps Google was wrong about reducing the character length, although it may have resulted in a higher CTR, the bounce rate may have increased. In this case, I think it is likely that Google want to provide its users with more information to enlist pre click confidence. This will help to increase the quality of traffic that advertisers receive.

How To Use It

We can now use up to 4 sitelinks within a text ad. So essentially, we have 5 text ads in 1 that we can display to our potential customers. There are a few different ways you can make the most of this feature and this will depend on your type of business and what goals you hope to achieve.

Since Google love examples of pizza, it would seem fitting to follow the trend. As previously explained by Google’s wonderful video explaining enhanced campaigns, for pizza there are 2 types of customers. On the move collection customers, and stay at home delivery customers. You can use one sitelink to display information like wait times and deliveries times. Another idea would be to display offers and deals that are for collection and delivery. You can really get inventive with your descriptions and give the user 5 reasons to choose our company instead of others.

What Can We Expect

If we make the most of these extensions then we can more than likely expect a higher CTR but what I would really count on is a higher quality of traffic from your Adwords campaign which will hopefully translate into an increase in conversions.

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  • Hi Ben,

    Sound good on Sitelinks. Very useful informative information:) But it’s depend on Google Mud 😉

    Thank You,
    Mark Nordlicht

    • Ben Austin

      Hi Mark,

      I’m really excited to start gathering data from these new site links, I’m hoping to see a rise in quality traffic conversions.
      I think it’s great how Google are constantly improving the Adwords program to improve the experience for both users and advertisers.

  • Nice post and informative
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • No problem Sumit, Glad you enjoyed the post !

  • very helpful Ben thank you

    • Glad you found the article helpful Ruzgar

  • Hi, Ben

    Can you guide me if we would be extending our site link can it make some difference for getting clicks.

    • Hi Duran,

      I believe by utilising these extended sitelinks, we gain the opportunity to provide more relevant and quality ads. This will either help increase CTR or it can help increase the quality of traffic you recieve. This will differ depending on how you are using your adwords account.

      • Duran Drake

        Thanks Ben,

        Thanks a Zillion i will try your advice and let see what results it reflects.

      • No problem, Good luck and keep me posted on your results, it will be interesting to compare