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Search Engine Optimization is an activity that calls for a lot of tools. There is so much data, so many variables, and so much change, that if you tried to do everything manually over the long term then you would soon get overwhelmed.

Thankfully there are a lot of free and commercial tools out there that can help a lot. What they don’t offer though is a way to keep track of all your own vital SEO information in a centralized manner, and you have very little customization or control available.

With this in mind we have been turning our Excel talents towards building some small tools that you can customize easily and completely, and taken together give you a great deal of SEO insight.

The Excel SEO Tools

These tools should be looked at as a suite of utilities but also as a guide to the main tasks that you should be performing in your SEO work. We start with getting an idea for where you are now. What do you already rank for, and how much work will be involved in getting further ahead?

Track Your Search Positions

Over time you will need to monitor your search positions, take note of what helps you creep nearer to that coveted number 1 spot, and what impacts you negatively, driving you down the rankings? The more terms you want to rank for, the more you need to automate this monitoring work!

Generate Keyword Variations

As just mentioned, it is not likely that you will only want to target one search phrase. Generating new phrases that you want to rank for is also important. One way we generate additional phrases is to create small variations on our existing keyword choices, especially when looking at PPC and the long tail. This Excel spreadsheet helps you do this.

Monitor Backlinks

Do you know how many of your link building results are sticking and which links are getting broken or pulled? You need to monitor your links and this spreadsheet will help you automate the process. It will also tell you if the link is passing Google juice or if it has been “no-followed”.

Check Your Redirects

Redirects can have a profound impact on your search results. Ideally when a page is moved, or when you want to send a visitor to a new URL, the redirect should be a permanent one so that the search engines know what to do with it. This tool will check a link and tell you what redirect type is returned and if it is working correctly.

Predict Organic Keyword Traffic

Do you know if that keyword phrase is worth the effort? Use this tool to predict the kind of travel levels you can expect for various rankings.

SEO Competitor Research

SEO is not just you versus the search engines, as you have no doubt realized. Yup, all your competitors are going after the same search results that you are. You need to watch what they are up to and react accordingly. Step one is finding out where your direct competitors are performing.


While these tools individually might not compete with the top commercial services out there in terms of premium functionality, they offer lots of useful information right at your fingertips, and are a great starting point for developing your own SEO toolkit. At the very least they ought to give you a lot of ideas for what is possible.

Yoav Ezer
Yoav Ezer co-authors the technology and productivity blog Codswallop. He is also the CEO of a company that produces PDF to XLS conversion software.
Yoav Ezer
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  • I have been using excel for many years for similar tasks.
    Tip: You can record macros to automate the repetitive tasks, is you know visual basic, then even better. You will save a lot of time.

    • Yoav Ezer

      This is a wonderful tip! I do this all the time.
      Some of the tools mentioned on this article were written using this approach

  • You have truly given me a new perspective for excel sheet. For me excel sheet has always been a data storage sheet for my stock market. Lol.. Now i can simply add some more from SEO and i am sure i am going to release loads & loads of burden that i have been carrying because this amazing thing didn’t clicked in my head before.

    • Anonymous

      I’m happy you liked it, Kiran.

    • Anonymous

      I’m happy you liked it, Kiran.

    • Anonymous

      I’m happy you liked it, Kiran.

    • Anonymous

      I’m happy you liked it, Kiran.

  • I have been using excel for many years for similar tasks.

  • I wondered about Excel tools for SEO. Here after I am going to use the Excel tools. Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome!

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome!

  • Really nice, thank you.

  • Alekh

    Nice one….

  • We have been using a combination of spreadsheets for the last 9 years and have not changed from our original format too much. The tools you discuss here are very good and indeed has given us some fresh ideas and food for thought. Excellent post.

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad you found it inspiring.
      Hopefully I’ll post new ideas and tools in the near future.

  • Any chance these will work with Open Office?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Raymond,
      I’m sorry but no, Excel’s Visual Basic is not compatible with Open Office.
      However, the same things can be done in Open Office scripting.

  • The tools definitely are useful especially the backlink checker. I have lots of backlinks I have to check and the tool will definitely help me a lot. I will probably use macros to automate the process.

    • Anonymous

      HI Michael,
      If you write anything interesting, please do share it with all of us.

  • AshleyForrester

    Very informative indeed. I have been using Excel-powered SEO tools for my business, and have been very satisfied with the results.

    • Anonymous

      Which of the tools above did you find useful?

  • These tools are really easier to use and gives fantastic results.This tools helps to begin optimizing your websites for top placement within the search engines. But is this tools support any secured server sites due to authentication issues or not?

    • Anonymous

      The tools support secure servers or sites (https), but not sites that require authentication (username+pass).
      this can be added easily with a little bit of VBA.

  • SEO Services in India

    good post……u give nice info

  • thanks for the useful tips and hope this will reduce some time.

  • THis is what I was looking for long time. Thanks a lot for xls file links wch will help me in optimizing my log.

    • Anonymous

      You are welcome. Good luck with your optimization.

  • This is a really useful set of tools, will really help me to get a hold on where I am in the serps!

  • I have been using Excel for SEO for a quite long time. I agree with Liana, macros are a must to make it efficient! macros definitely speed up analysis! Thanks for sharing your experience with Excel, Yoav:)

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely correct! There are so many things you can do with macros. The possibilities are endless.

  • Excel is great for SEO! Good info and thanks for the post!

  • It is really help for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome! I have been doing this is Google docs with limited results…. many thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Aaron,Google docs spreadsheet is a very capable tool, I’m sure that you can write similar tools for it.
      I chose Excel simply because it’s still more popular today.

  • Paul

    Greta list Yoav and super helpful on some of them, but I wonder if you know where I might find a bit of excel script that would enable me to log the Page Rank of sites or at least code that would help pull in this information?

  • WOW! thanks for the tools. now my seo report work is going to be fun.

  • saving lot of time and manual work. thanks for sharing the useful sttuff.