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Got Writer’s Block? 25 Fast & Proven Cures for Content Creators

Writer’s block happens to every content creator at some point. Fortunately, you can get your mojo back with these quick and effective tips.

Writer’s block happens to every content creator at some point.

Fortunately, getting your mojo back is usually just a matter of finding a new approach to the task you’re working on.

Here are 25 quick and effective ways to break through your block and fill that dreaded blank page.

Young woman with writers block sitting in an office with a desk littered with crumpled paper as she sits looking thoughtfully into the air with her finger to her chin seeking new ideas

1. Free-Write

Grab some paper, a pen, and a timer.

Set your timer for five minutes and just write whatever comes to mind, stream-of-consciousness-style.

The only rule: your pen has to keep moving for the entire time.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you need to limber up your mind.

2. Mine Your Old Content for Ideas

Pick a piece you like and scan through it for points you could expand into their own piece.

You’d be surprised just how many things could make an entire post all on their own!

3. Talk to a Co-Worker or a Friend

Sometimes getting an additional perspective can spark an idea.

Ask a co-worker or friend what problem they are having trouble solving, or what frustrated them recently at work, and see if a blog post can be born.

4. Combine Ideas

If you’re struggling to come up with a unique take on a topic, try combining two or more less-original ideas instead.

Figure out how they are connected and what people may need to know to get these two aspects of your industry working in tandem.

5. Make a List of Something

Turn your list into a piece of content (this current article is a great example!).

6. Ask Questions

Put yourself in a lead’s shoes and think about what questions they might have before they make a purchase.

Create content to address each of those questions.

You may even want to try asking someone to visit your website and see what they find complicated – navigation, reading certain text, finding a certain page, etc. – and start there.

7. Clear Your Head

Put the project down for a few minutes or even a day.

Work on something else or just get a change of scenery.

Sometimes creativity shows up when you stop trying so hard.

8. Try a Different Medium

If you usually write blog posts, try your hand at designing an infographic or writing a video script.

Interviews also make great “blog” posts.

9. Check out the Competition

Take a look at what your rivals have been blogging about lately.

There’s no harm in borrowing an idea, especially if you can write it better than your competitors.

10. Work Somewhere Different

The bustle of a coffee shop or the quiet of a library might be all it takes to get your creative gears clicking away.

11. Eliminate Distractions

Switch off your internet, go somewhere other people won’t bother you, and spend some quality time with a blank word document.

If your options are to write or to do nothing, you’ll probably end up getting something you can work with on the page.

12. Look at Your Idea Bank

If you have some ideas stashed away in a notebook or file, now’s the time to pull them out.

And if you don’t have an idea bank, it’s a good idea to start one when you’re feeling more inspired.

13. Write by Hand If You Usually Type

Or, if you usually write by hand, fire up your favorite word processor.

Changing the physical act of how you write can help you get unstuck.

14. Reflect on What Excites You About Your Work

Sometimes writer’s block is a symptom of getting stuck on material that doesn’t interest you.

Try to reconnect with an aspect of your work that you really believe in, and you might find that the ideas start to flow again.

15. Read Something

Visit your favorite blog or thumb through a good book.

Other people’s writing is an endless source of free inspiration and ideas.

16. Write About the News in Your Industry

It might not be an evergreen piece, but it will keep your content pipeline full.

17. Do Research on Sites like Quora

Quora has millions of visitors that post questions every day around tons of topics.

See what questions people are asking that are related to your business and write content answering those questions.

18. Poll Your Audience

If you’re connected with your audience on social media, ask them what topics they’d like to see covered.

19. Round up Some Statistics

Everybody likes facts and figures, and it doesn’t take much creative inspiration to put this type of post together.

20. Curate

Make a list of your favorite blog posts and videos from the last week or month. Add some commentary of your own if you like.

21. Write a Response

If you’ve got something to say about someone else’s blog post or video, this can make an interesting topic for an article of your own.

22. Listen in on Current Conversations in Your Industry

You can do this by reading threads on industry forums or sites like Quora.

This is a good way to discover fresh topics before your competitors jump on them.

23. Focus on Someone Else

Interview someone at your company or a prominent figure in your industry.

You’ll get totally unique content, and you won’t even have to come up with most of it yourself.

24. Use a Headline Generator Tool

Headline generators, like the ones from Sumo and Inbound Now, can be a fun way to generate some fresh angles on a topic.

25. Review Your Goals for Your Content

What are you trying to achieve with your content in the first place?

Are you trying to build trust, teach your readers something, or get them to take a particular action?

Working backwards from your goal can help you come up with a good topic and approach for a piece.


Writer’s block is all too real, but you don’t have to let it kill your productivity.

Try one of these quick tactics to get unstuck, and you could find yourself with a finished piece of content by the end of the day.

What are you waiting for?

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Got Writer’s Block? 25 Fast & Proven Cures for Content Creators

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