Local SEO has a lot in common with traditional SEO.

However, in some ways, it’s completely different.

One of the major differences between local SEO and “regular” SEO is how you target customers.


For example, when doing local SEO you must always keep geography in mind when targeting your keywords. This is because proximity to searcher is a key local search ranking factor.

If your business doesn’t show up when someone in your location performs a search, that’s a huge missed opportunity. One of your competitors is taking customers – and money – out of your pocket.

Luckily, local SEO can fix that for you. Yes, it will take time and effort, but it’s worth it.

Ready to start winning more local customers?

Here’s a complete local SEO checklist to help you.

Local SEO: Optimizing Your Website

Local SEO: Content

High-quality content attract links. So you need a local content strategy.

Links and content are the two most important Google ranking factors. This is also true in local SEO.

A Local SEO Guide study demonstrated that if the business website has a good ranking in organic search, it’s also more likely to do well on Google My Business.

Furthermore, relevant/high-authority backlinks are one of the top ranking factors to consider when it comes to local SEO. “Links are the key competitive differentiator even when it comes to Google My Business Rankings,” according to the same Local SEO Guide study.


Content for Multiple Businesses

If you have multiple businesses in multiple locations, think hard about whether you need to create multiple websites. Local SEO experts will tell you that it’s better to have one strong website that houses all of your brands.

Local SEO: Citations

Citations are complete or partial references to your name, address, phone number, and website (NAP+W) online.

Local SEO: Social Media & Customer Reviews

Local SEO: The Real World

Final Thoughts

Local SEO involves many elements that are much different from general SEO best practices. Now that you have this local SEO checklist, you can effectively optimize your website, market your business, reach more local customers when they’re searching for what you offer, and start bringing in more revenue.

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