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Check and Monitor Your Rankings with KPMRS

Check and Monitor Your Rankings with KPMRS

I have reviewed numerous rank checkers as well as SERPs trackers and ranking comparison tools in the past. But that’s always great to have a choice. So this time I am reviewing a new player in the field – a nice looking keyword position checking and monitoring utility.

KPMRS is a web-based tool where you can quickly check your site rankings for one word in Google, Yahoo and Bing (without login) as well set up tracking for as many as 5 words per site and multiple domains (after you join).

Inside you will find:

  • Handy and usable interface (I like the way you can quickly switch between domains and keywords);
  • Email alerts once your rankings change;
  • Ranking history (graphed on a flash chart);
  • Exporting and printing options;
  • Social activity tracker;
  • Backlink tracker (it’s just about the number of your site backlinks based on Yahoo! and Alexa);
  • Facebook integration (to “share your rankings with Facebook friends”).

The features I personally enjoyed:

Email alerts

I really liked the email alert feature which seems to work pretty well. The email alert looks like this:

KPMRS - email alert

The link in the email brings to the brief report showing how rankings have changed:

KPMRS change report

Ranking graphs

Keyword position change is represented on a handy graph:

KPMRS ranking graph

What I didn’t really like:

  • Inadequate navigation options: for example that change report I mentioned above lacks any linked numbers. I’d love to click on the position number to be taken to the actual graph.
  • Only 5 keywords per domain.
  • No social activity tracker: you can check the actual numbers but why not add some tracking ability?

Conclusion: a very easy-to-use useful tool for small sites and blogs.

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The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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Check and Monitor Your Rankings with KPMRS

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