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Blogs Bring Home the Bling Bling for eHobbies

Blogs Bring Home the Bling Bling for eHobbies

Blogs Bring Home the Bling Bling for eHobbies

We know companies use blogs to increase traffic and search engine rankings. How are retailers are using blogs in creative ways to increase sales? One company reports doubling sales conversion rates from 2% to 4% after customers read their blog.

The search engines are all about blogs, but turning that traffic into a selling vehicle is another story… Not so for, which says it has watched its conversion rate double from the normal 2 percent to 4 percent whenever site users visit one of its blogs. Since adding blogging to its site in May, 5 percent of the company’s overall traffic comes from its main blog destination, In addition, 5 percent of all orders have recently tracked to a blog-based coupon.

Read some of the blog tricks and tips retailers like eHobbies and are using to increase customer loyalty, sales volume and search engine rankings. Blogs and Bling Bling: Companies See More Sales, Improve Search Position.

Linda Buquet, president of 5 Star Affiliate is an Affiliate Management Consultant that represents a select group of high paying, high integrity affiliate programs. The 5 Star site also features all the best affiliate blogs and SEO news, as well as a friendly Internet marketing forum.

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