Blogging for Bucks: 8 Tips to Earn Pay for Your Say

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Blogging for Bucks: 8 Tips to Earn Pay for Your Say

Unless you’ve been living up under a rock lately, you’ve heard of the Internet phenomenon known as blogging.

What many people don’t know is that blogging is no longer just a recreational pursuit for folks to vent their repressed feelings, showcase their creative work, or promote a personal agenda. It’s been elevated to an art form and an avenue where authors establish their expertise, expand their platforms, and savvy writers get pay for their say.

Since I started, I’ve had the pleasure of being paid to produce blog posts on everything from jazz reviews, to personal opinions, to how-tos.

And you can too.

But there’s a method to it.

Even though it’s not a “perfect science” it does require a systematic approach.


Here’s how to work it:

  1. Do your homework. Study other blogs—the popular ones and the new kids on the block. What makes them successful? Where do they miss the mark? What’s the tone? The word count? The take-away value?
  2. Write right and write tight. Blogs categorically require a different type of writing than other genres of writing. Most are more informal and conversational in tone. Very few call for word counts of over 700 words per post.
  3. To hone your skills and establish your expertise, do a few guest posts on other blogs. Ideally the ones that boast a high fan base and are considered leaders in the blog field. Doing so gives you credibility, visibility, and success by association.
  4. Network-–Just like in the corporate arena, sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know that can make the difference. Tap into your available resources and folks who are in-the-know through Facebook, Twitter, and online communities in which you interact.
  5. Follow directions to find the road to success. For example, if a blog ad for a paying gig calls for 2 samples of 500 words and a resume, don’t send one sample of 1000 words and links to work you’ve created on line. It’s the easiest way to get fired before you’re hired!
  6. Make it brief-–When applying for work, or presenting your work for consideration, be brief but substantive. Recognize that less is sometimes more.
  7. Have goals and a game plan. How much would you like to earn monthly? Yearly? Which blogs are the ones you aspire to write for and how often? What will your niche be? Is there anyone who can serve as a mentor to advise and guide you? These are a few key questions to consider.
  8. Write what you know-–The traditional philosophy of writing also applies with blogging. Pen posts on topics with which you have experience and familiarity. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should never venture into new territories or attempt to expand your knowledge base. You should. But make that one of your future goals once you establish some footing and a fan base.

Here are a few places that you can find work in the blogging field:

Jennifer Brown Banks

Jennifer Brown Banks

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