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Bing Allows Site Owners to Submit Up to 10,000 URLs Per Day

Bing has significantly increased the number of URLs site owners can submit for indexing per day.

Site owners can now submit up to 10,000 URLs to Bing per day, which will get crawled and indexed immediately.

There is no limit to how many URLs can be submitted each month.

Previously, site owners were limited to submitting only 10 URLs per day and a maximum of 50 URLs per month.

URLs will still be submitted through Bing Webmaster Tools and through the Bing Webmaster Tools API.

The exact daily quota of URL submissions for a particular site will be based on the following factors:

  • Verified site age in Bing
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Site impressions
  • “Other” signals that are available to Bing

Put simply, the longer a site has been verified in Bing Webmaster Tools, the more URLs they will be able to submit per day.

However, Bing notes, site verified age is not the only signal used to determine the daily URL quota per site.

Site owners can see their daily URL quota by logging into Bing Webmaster Tools and navigating to ‘Submit URLs.’

Within this section, site owners will also be able to see the last 1000 URLs submitted along with the submission date.

Those who have sites mapped to a sub-domain should be aware that the daily URL quota is allocated at the domain level and not at sub-domain level.

If for whatever reason, you need to submit more than 10,000 URLs per day you can contact the company and Bing will adjust the quota as needed.

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Bing Allows Site Owners to Submit Up to 10,000 URLs Per Day

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