Shane Jones

Shane Jones

Director of Earned Media at WebpageFX
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Shane Jones is the Director of Earned Media at WebpageFX, a Pennsylvania marketing agency. Additionally, Shane is a Reporter at Econsultancy US, where he covers Conversion Marketing and UX Design. Shane loves making friends and wants you to connect with him on Twitter, Google+ or if you reach out via his blog.

I’m Awesome At:

SEO, Content Marketing, Display, Conversion and UI

Favorite Tools:

Basecamp, Tout, Photoshop, Analytics, Ahrefs

Google+, Facebook or Twitter


Favorite Industry Peeps:

Really love reading Sparring Mind - Greg Ciotti as well as Consumer behaviorist Gordon Foxall. Other non related marketers are Malcolm Gladwell. Best industry specific peeps: John Doherty, Avinash Kaushik & Peep Laja

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