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Geoff Kenyon is a veteran online marketer and focuses on driving traffic to increase revenue and grow businesses. With experience in-house and agency side, he has founded his own consultancy,


Infographics are incredibly popular with link builders right now, and for good reason, because they have worked really well.  While there may be plenty of...

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If you read a blog post about link building recently, the odds are pretty good you’ve read about content marketing, info-graphics, or RCS. These are all great....

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When I ask a new client what they are looking for, the answer almost always involves either the phrase “low hanging fruit” or “quick wins”....

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Need more tightly relevant links? Go local! Here are 5 tips for you to get inspired! 1. College Websites Many college’s are looking local businesses...

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If you are actively building links as part of your SEO efforts, you are probably tracking your metrics, but are your metrics helping you? You...

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