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For the past fifteen years Gabriella has held positions as a consultant, web developer and creative director until she decided it was time to open Level 343, an SEO and copywriting company. She fancies herself an Italian rocker, rebel and SEO geek. She loves singing in the shower and keeps a notepad next to her bed.


It’s amazing; with the vastness of the Information Highway, there are still potholes to fill. An article on finding your online customer base is one...

  • 7 min read
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Marketing may sound boring to some, I mean… who cares about facts, figures, data and trends. It’s a business, however, much like any other business...

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Out there in the big wide world of search engines and sites, you have ads and you have search results. Your website is getting traffic...

  • 5 min read
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If “content is king”, links are the king’s supporting army, quietly helping the kingdom grow in power and authority. Unfortunately, as with a physical army,...

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