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Alex is Co-Owner of We Do Web Content a content-focused digital marketing firm for law firms in the US. Alex and his team have been developing digital content strategies for small businesses, law firms, and legal marketing agencies for over twelve years. “Our content-focused digital strategies have increased targeted organic web traffic and leads for hundreds of businesses.”

Alex and his team’s approach is to take on a small manageable number of clients and develop content-focused digital strategies specific to your market and business goals. Digital strategies include SEO, PPC, content strategy, email marketing, email campaign consulting, blogging, in-depth practice area development, Ebook development design, and more.

Alex is a speaker, podcaster on SEO Happy Hour, runs a monthly webinar for his clients and law firms. Dad, loves boxing, jiu-jitsu, and his family.


Get a better understanding of why SEO matters for law firms and how lawyers can get started generating more traffic for their websites.

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Law firms benefit from an optimized site that generates website traffic and attracts new clients online. Learn the fundamentals of Law Firm SEO here.

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