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Announcing What Works in Content Marketing: A White Paper

Announcing What Works in Content Marketing: A White Paper

Content marketing is no longer the new kid on the block in the marketing world, but it remains one of the most under utilized strategies. Take the following statistics.

According to research by Content Marketing Institute, 65% of B2B marketers have no content strategy or an undocumented one. 

Contently reports that 57% of organizations now have two or more people dedicated to content marketing.

That is an awful lot of people who have a job, but no strategy for how to be effective at it. And when you don’t have a planned strategy for any marketing initiative, it is really hard to tell if what you are doing is working. And, since the goals of content marketing tend to be harder to track (think brand building), this is doubly true for content marketing.

The Road to Content Marketing Success

Which is why we wrote this fancy white paper titled “What Works in Content Marketing: Case Studies & Tools for Success”. 

What works in content marketing

In these pages, we provide an overview of content marketing as a whole, a history of where the practice came from (Hint: it isn’t as new as many believe – it goes back to caveman times!) as well as case studies, tips, and real-world tools you can use to create a documented content marketing strategy.

No fluff. No waxing poetic. Just real, actionable information you can take your boss, your investors, or the C-suite and actual real-world steps you can use to lay out your very own content strategy.

Other cool stuff included in this white paper:

  • WHY your company must have a content strategy to be successful.
  • STEP BY STEP instructions on how to build a strong strategy, including questions every business should ask before throwing money at content.
  • DETAILED CASE STUDIES of content strategies by three different companies in drastically different markets, including SEJ and McDonald’s.
  • WHAT type of content marketing goals your business should be looking at, and how to make sure you meet those goals.

Download SEJ’s Free WhitePaper!

Ready to start reading? Get your free download of our white paper: “What Works in Content Marketing: Case Studies & Tools for Success” now!


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