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Analyze Digg Success with These Tools

Reaching Digg front page is what any link baiter dream about. The following tools will help you understand Digg success:

1. Social Blade is by far the best Digg Analytics tool for those interested why some particular stories go hot.

The service breaks Digg home page into a table with the following columns:

  • Story URL and title;
  • Total Diggs;
  • Diggs given by friends;
  • Buries (seems to be 0 all the way);
  • Number of comments at the time the story went hot;
  • Time in the upcoming queue;
  • Diggs per hour;
  • Username who submitted the story;
  • Number of submitted stories by the user;
  • The user’s recent activity (how mane stories were dugg by him in the past 24 hours);
  • Category and subcategory of the submission;
  • Exact time when the story hit the front page.

Social blade

The site also offers overall Digg activity trends and graphs for those who loves visualization.

2. collects the following statistics for past 24 hours, week, month and year:

  • most popular words used in Digg titles and descriptions (includes "stop words", i.e. articles, prepositions, etc);
  • most popular Digg topics;
  • most active users;
  • Digg top sources.


3. A number of FireFox extensions will let you see each page Digg status. My personal favorites are Digg Toolbar and
Social Media for Firefox:

Digg Extension

4. Story Stats gives (and visualizes) stats for each individual submission: story submission history and users’ popularity ratio (not really useful or is just me who failed to see the point?).

Story Stats

Category Tools
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Analyze Digg Success with These Tools

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