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AMP Pages Will Soon Support Video Docking, Sticky Ads, More

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project has announced a variety of new features coming soon to AMP pages.

Many of the upcoming features are currently supported by regular web pages.

That means site owners will be able to create equivalent AMP pages that more closely resemble the original web page.

Here is an overview of some of the new features on the way.

New Features Coming Soon to AMP Pages

Video Docking

Video docking allows users to watch a video as they scroll through an article.

A video will appear at the top when a user first lands on the page. As they scroll down the page the video will “dock” itself in the bottom corner of the page.

This feature is commonplace in news websites when an article has an accompanying piece of video footage.

Infinite Scroll for Page Elements

AMP pages already support infinite scroll for documents, and the same feature will soon be available for other page elements in a list.

This would allow users to endlessly scroll list elements like search results and product cards.

Input Masking

This feature will soon help users fill out forms more efficiently by automatically adding formattings such as spaces and interstitial characters, which can be specified by developers.

Video Player Enhancements

The AMP video player is being enhanced with new features and bug fixes including adding missing mute/unmute buttons, fixing hidden controls while playing, and the ability to play videos on loop.

Sticky Ads

AMP pages will soon have support for sticky ads in desktop when fixed position on the left or right rail of the page

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AMP Pages Will Soon Support Video Docking, Sticky Ads, More

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