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We know that keyword research is crucial for SEO. We also know that we can never consider this task completed. We are in constant quest for new fresh keyword phrases, some of which can turn out to be gold, others will be no use – we don’t know which ones until we analyze them and even try them.

Therefore trying new keyword research tools is so helpful. So this time I am reviewing a keyword suggestions tool that is completely new to me.

Actual Keywords is a newly-launched keyword research tool (that can be a good alternative / addition to WordTracker and Keyword discovery).

I wasn’t able to locate "official" information on sources and data acquisition, so I went ahead and asked the developer about that. Here’s what the tool is based on (according to the developers):

We collect data from sources like Dogpile for 3 years and accurately clean up all the garbage keywords (keys longer than 6 words in it, extremely non popular keys and so on). Full base consists of last 12 month of collecting, so always fresh and actual.

So looks like the service maintains its own database and thus can provide some new words (other than tools you’ve been using so far).

The tool is paid but offers a couple of great features completely for free:

  • The list keyword phrases for any term / phrase you enter. This list consists of 100 top suggestions (which is more than WordTracker and Keyword Discovery free plans). Besides the terms, you’ll see the number of results for each one per Google and popularity of each (based on the service internal algorithm and data). If you register a free account, you won’t have to enter the captcha.
  • A few full packages for popular phrases (like ‘adult dating’ and ‘how to’) for you to evaluate the quality before signing up.

The best thing about the tool (which amazed me a lot) is that it supports wildcard search (that can be substituted by one letter) and also supports plural (unlike most of other keyword research tools); compare:

Actual Keywords

If you want to see more (1000) phrases and also get some cool filtering options (e,g, filter phrases by popularity or keyphrase length in words), you’ll nee to pay by subscribing, one-time payment or buying niche-based packages.

More keyword research tools:

The tool was reviewed under SEJ tool review policy.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • The first question to ask yourself when looking at a SEO tool is, as rightly noted above, where does the data come from?

    I did a survey of tools several years ago and found many were using data from Infospace’s meta engines dogpile and metacrawler.

    So, how much of your target audience uses meta search engines? 0%?

    That I’m afraid says a lot about the validity of this data, regardless of how glitzy the software front end may or may not be – your tool is looking in the wrong place.

    Yes, you’ll get some ideas, but Google, at least in most markets, has the real data you need.

    This is also somewhat true when you do link analysis, as I mention in a new post today.

    The full kw article is here:

    As it is in Italian, many readers may want to use Google Translate which has improved significantly over the last year or so.

  • Thanks! I tried free service, it work well. Has bookmarked 🙂

  • Hi Ann,

    I have tried with the free service, it works well. But when it’s compared from Google Adwords tool it’s very less keyword suggested, also some keywords are missed in it’s data.

  • Cool solution, thanks 🙂

  • CAP Digisoft Solutions Inc. ,

    Could you please give an example?

  • Bob Franky

    Sean Carlos – I dissagree 100%. Data from Meta search engines such as compile data accross all search engines. I’ve used Wordtracker in the past and had MASSIVE success in SEM and SEO initiaves. That’s ROI i’m talking about.

    Don’t be foolish in your assumption without using the data to make money first.

  • I’ve read all comments and i still can’t decide.
    Did somebody used this Tool and had real success?

  • I am one of the first user of this serves.

    Very interesting data base, but not very accurate.

  • But, I do not know better database 🙂

  • Good service on the selection of keywords, try and see for yourself.
    .-= 4MIN´s last blog ..Новые продукты от CrocMint =-.

  • I am not sure on Google keyword tool I have been using if for research but some of the search volumes dont back up when I achieve 1st page results. Is the google keyword tool acurate ?